Chrissy Teigen gets candid at her bridal shower for her upcoming wedding to John Legend

“I’m sorry, I think I just grabbed your ass.” This is the first thing model Chrissy Teigen says to me after we hug at our one-year reunion.

Me with the gorgeous Chrissy Teigen

Our “reunion” was really her bridal shower which Gillette Venus hosted for her at the rooftop of The Strand Hotel at NYC to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to singer John Legend. And what better way to celebrate the beautiful and hilarious spokesperson for the brand? She was visibly touched by the gesture (“I’ve never even been to a bridal shower before!” she told us), and equally down to answer most questions about her upcoming wedding. “John never does this, but he had to take me aside and say, ‘Chrissy, you need to just say no to some questions’…but you know what, f*ck it.” Besides revealing that she will have a destination wedding, FOUR outfit changes, a crepe-ey Lady M style cake that’s “a couple hundred layers,” Teigen sat with me to give me a couple more extra details about the big day:

Chrissy Teigen answering questions for her bridal shower games with Dr. Jody Levine

Chrissy playing bridal shower games with Dr. Jody Levine

Beauty and the Feast:
What are you most excited about for your upcoming wedding to your fiancé, John Legend?
Chrissy Teigen: I’m going to treat this wedding as a family reunion of sorts. I’m most excited about seeing my dad’s face when he gets to see all his kids and everyone together.

Do you have anything left that has to be planned?
Teigen: Yes. Everything. We’ve done the guest list, but we haven’t sent any invites…

Oh yeah, I’m still waiting for mine…
Teigen: I know! That’s the reason you haven’t gotten yours! [laughs] We’re taking our sweet ass time.

What’s the cuisine going to be like?
Teigen: The cuisine will be very hearty without letting people fall asleep. It’s my favorite type of cuisine, but I feel like if I give it away then you’ll know where we’re getting married!
Chrissy's hair at the bridal shower. Photo: Allure_magazine

I love your hair today! Are you going to do something similar for your wedding?
Teigen: Thank you! It IS going to be something very similar. We’re going to do a messy updo. Maybe some flowers. But for the most part, very natural, messy, not too much thought – I mean it will take hours. You know when “natural looks” take hours? That’s how it will be like.

I was looking at the new Venus & Olay razors and noticed their new Sugarberry scent bars. If you could scent your own razor, what would it be? I have a feeling you’re going to say bacon…
Teigen: Oh man! See, I love bacon but everyone sends me like bacon toothpaste and all these things with crazy bacon shit. I don’t want bacon flavored shit, I just love bacon! If I was going to scent my own Venus bar, it would be like chocolate pudding. Something very sweet. What they’ve already done is amazing but chocolate pudding would be delicious. OH man! I would love chocolate pudding!
The bridal shower cake and 'razor cakes' as Chrissy called them

You’ve been a Venus spokesperson for over a year now. What has been your favorite part about representing such a great brand?
Teigen: I get emotional thinking about things like this. It takes a lot to be a brand ambassador. You have to have the perfect personality, you have to be mindful of what you say, and I think it’s very cool they took me on because I’m very outspoken. I’m nuts. I’m sure there have been times where they’ve been like, Oh my God! Why did you say that?! But they are wonderful and I’m happy to represent them. We’re doing one of our last events soon and I think I’m really going to cry! I’m going to be really sad because they’ve been so awesome to me.
Teigen and her adorable mother

We’re kinda obsessed with your captions and hashtags at my apartment. Your #mymomisgrindingpeppercornsbecauseidontknowwhy was one of our favorites. You’re so great on Instagram!
Teigen: But sometimes I’m so boring! You never know what’s going to do well.

Are you more careful about what you post?
Teigen: I am more careful. Not because of that little Instagram snafu of the spray tan thing. But I’m more careful just because I represent an amazing brand and I don’t want them to look bad. But I would tweet a lot more things if I could.

Are you going to be Instagramming on your wedding day?
Teigen: I’m sure I’ll get drunk and Instagram a lot. I’m actually positive of it. I mean like, we’ll be very hush hush, and then I’m sure at like midnight I’ll be like, “WE GOT MARRIED B*TCHES!!!!”

Oh, Chrissy. This is why we love you.

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