Stylist Sarah Potempa and Aussie bring Unfair Hair to Chicago

By Summar Ghias

This summer's hair trends: a sleek top-knot, fishtail braids, messy side buns, and the ever popular beach waves.

Let’s be real: the luscious locks you often see in hair commercials can seem a little unfair. To bridge reality and our greatest fantasy, Aussie took to the streets this weekend to give local Chicagoans the opportunity to shine. That meant handing out a whole range of unfair advantages courtesy of the handiwork of celeb stylist Sarah Potempa and Aussie styling products. Aussie set up shop at Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue, where a number of stylists (and if you were lucky, the woman that does Jake Gyllenhaal‘s hair on the regular) gave locals the latest in hair trends ranging from beach waves to top knots to fishtail or milkmaid braids.

With the wonderful stylist herself, Sarah Potempa

Also on hand: assistance from the Aussie Lifeguard Concierge, personal shopping assistance to help carry your bags and lunch reservations at hotspots along Michigan Avenue. While Sarah tended to my own ‘do, we spoke about the most popular summer hairstyle trends, quick ways to eliminate frizz, and her new line of hair tools.

The Aussie Kangaroo takes over Michigan Avenue

Braids of all kinds are definitely in this summer, but it was still the beach waves that were getting the most airtime, so Sarah didn’t seem surprised that I also wanted in. To immediately de-frizz my tresses before beginning the curling process, she took some hair spray and sprayed a paddle brush. Then, she brushed out my hair. A totally easy trick that evenly distributes the hair spray and tames those pesky fly-aways. Even more helpful: The magical Beachwaver which immediately seemed to answer all my hair curling woes. Invented by Sarah herself, the curling iron rotates in both directions to give you consistent curls and is motorized so you aren’t doing anything but pushing a button to take your hair from average to unfair. (FYI: The Beachwaver is now in Ulta stores, making it even more accessible across the nation).

Sarah's go-to products, the Aussie Sprunch Mousse and Leave In Conditioner and You Can Shine Hairspra

For the perfect beach waves

-Before drying hair, spray Aussie Hair Insurance Protecting Shine Spray to protect hair from heat styling.

-Select the side of the hair you want to curl first.

-Depending on the side you are starting with, take your curling iron (or in this case, the genius Sarah Potempa Beachwaver) and make sure the clamp is facing inward.

-Curl hair away from your face. (If you are using the Beachwaver, simply press the button to have the hair curl for you)

-Repeat on the other side.

-Run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls once they have cooled.

-After you are done, take a quarter-sized amount of Aussie Miraculously Smooth Anti-Frizz Cream to create definition and add shine.

To enhance your own natural wave, sans curling iron

–       When you get out of the shower, with damp hair, use a dollop of the Aussie Sprunch Mousse + Leave In Conditioner.

–       Scrunch your hair, distributing the product evenly throughout.

–       Blow-dry just a little.

–       Use the Aussie Smoothing Serum to get rid of frizz.

Why thank you Beachwaver. My curls after my 'unfair hair' styling session with Sarah!

For Chicagoans who missed out, Aussie isn’t finished with the Windy City just yet! In fact, the brand has events lined up all summer that dole out unfair advantages of all kinds, including a Wrigley Field tailgate, where fans will get ticket upgrades and “Cubs Cash”, a Lincoln Park Zoo outing with “roo” treats, and a North Avenue beach day with access to a private cabana and Aussie beach gear. Unfair? We aren’t complaining.

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