Katharine McPhee kicks off the summer solstice with Lipton

Yesterday, Lipton Iced Tea hosted a “Taste of Summer” party, welcoming the summer solstice (the longest and brightest day of the year) with singer and actress Katharine McPhee. “This happens to be my favorite day of the year,” McPhee said. “We’re celebrating summer in an even bigger way by adding 24 hours of sunlight here.”

McPhee and the Lipton Sun illuminated art installation

She was referring to the one-of-a-kind illuminated orb, named the Lipston Sun, which she helped unveil. Created by the PRATT Institute, the orb will reside at Beekman Beach Club until the June 23rd and will be accessible to the public beginning today.

A quick pic with McPhee. #toomuchwind #longhairproblems

McPhee, who is working on a record right now, said she’s still waiting for her summer anthem. “I don’t know what it will be…maybe there will be a summer song that I can come out with!” she said.

How are you going to celebrate summer? Make sure you enter BATF’s giveaway for an assortment of teas from Lipton to help you get a #TasteofSummer too!

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