Brasserie Beck in Washington DC

Everytime I visit DC, I realize more and more what a foodie epicenter it is. My friends Anum, Faraz, and Hamaad (who’s Instagram alone clues me in to some of the better spots) never disappoint to satiate my craving for something new. Last weekend, on a disgustingly hot and humid day, we were deciding where to eat brunch and Brasserie Beck came up. All Hamaad had to say was ‘stuffed French toast’ and I was ready to make the six block walk under the merciless sun (in heels and a sweater…why I was wearing a sweater is beyond me). We lost some people along the way, but I’m so glad I made the trip…the food here was easily worth it. I just realized where my priorities lie :-/.

The first disappointment though: there was no stuffed French toast. The waiter mentioned something about how they switch chefs often, and that menu item left with the last one. The good thing though was they had a full brunch menu which easily forgave all. Truffled egg toast, gruyere egg omelet, crab cakes benedict, chicken and waffles…We settled on the “Leo”: Farmed eggs, smoked salmon, carmelized onions, housemade bialy with a boursin schmear (fancy pants for bagel with cheese spread); and (to make up for the absence of the French toast) the Stuffed Crepe, with carmelized banana, nutella, and chantilly cream. Note, it also normally comes with marshmallows but we got ours without:

The Leo, $17

Stuffed Crepes, $14


When both portions came out, my first thought was…this is not going to be enough food. But the chefs expertly mixed light and heavy ingredients and in the end, it was deceivingly more than enough. The Leo came with a perfectly toasted bagel, and herbed scrambled egg with salmon on the side. The carmelized banana gave the crepes a different taste than the usual nutella and fruit combo that I’m so accustomed to in NY.

The only slight disappointment was when we ordered a cappuccino and latte. A+ for presentation but… cute is the brown sugar crystal pop it comes with?

…apparently there was something wrong with their espresso machine so there was barely any pressure and even less heat. Our drinks came out lukewarm and watered down. The waiter apologized and mentioned this even when he gave us our drinks and after we deemed it undrinkable, he removed it from the bill. The little cookie it came with was delicious though! It made up for something at least.

Restaurant Info:
Brasserie Beck

1101 K Street NW.
Washington, DC 20005.
(202) 408-1717
McPherson Square

Meal: Brunch

Occasion: Jersey City-scoping
Price: $$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: *** (I appreciate space so much more when I’m not in NYC)
Food: **1/2 (Lost half a point for the latte disappointment)
Service: *** (Waiter was attentive and accommodating)
Would I go back?: Yes!

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