Men-days: CHROME UNITED (review)

I’ve been kindly requested to sprinkle in more content for guys, and so…I’ve come up with a new column: Monday Men-Days (HOW clever am I?!). And we shall kick it off with a new cologne, Chrome United by Azzaro which was formulated to celebrate (what else?): Bromance.

Chrome United cologne

At least that’s what the makers had in mind. The original Chrome cologne, which debuted in 1996 and now has a cult following, was formulated to celebrate the father/son bond, but this new one (if ya can’t tell by the packaging) is meant to celebrate the bond between male friends. Interesting take, I guess, but let me tell you from a female perspective — this stuff smells amazing. It has a fresh, sweet scent and some of the same woody notes from its predecessor, including bergamot, coriander, ceylon black tea, and cedar wood. In my opinion, I prefer this one even more than the original.


The best thing about it besides its captivating smell is that it’s light but also long-lasting. It’s formulated with a linear composition, which means it will smell the same from the first spritz to how it will smell all day long (you can thank the genius perfumer who is Richard Ibanez of Robertet for that). Great for summer days at the beach or as we’re transitioning into Fall. The price ranges from $56 (1.7 oz) to $76 (3.4 fl oz) and available at Macy’s or other fine department stores.

What cologne do you use? Or which ones do you buy for a guy? Also, let me know what other content you’d want to see in the new Men Days column :).

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