12 things that got me through the month

Another month, another set of tools in the survival kit. This time I mixed it up with not only my favorite beauty products that came out on top, but even some things in the kitchen, closet, and more:

(1) Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Scrub, $18 & (2) Damascus Rose Cream, $29

Michael Todd products

This 100% organic line is truly impressive. My friend Sara had heard about Michael Todd, a brand that celebs have been buzzing about, and since other readers have been asking me more about what organic products to try, I tested this one out. Guys, it’s amazing. The jojoba charcoal scrub is gentle but effective in sucking the toxins out and removing dead skin cells to leave skin glowing and smoother. And the Damscus Rose Cream is a light but effective moisturizer leaves skin butter soft. It has potent anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients like tri-peptides, avocado, carrot seed, and co-enzyme Q-10 to fight against environmental stressors. I use it nightly, and feel better about myself since I’m staying away from chemicals, parabens, and sulfates in this purely organic line (and the price points?! I swear products of equal or lesser quality costs at least three times as much!).

(3) Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen, $15

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen set, $25

In my opinion, you can throw pretty much any other eye pencil you’ve been using. If you haven’t heard of Pixi, it’s a brand from the UK that makes the most incredible makeup (and it’s sold at Target!). This is by far one of the BEST eye liner pencils I have ever tried. It goes on super smooth, is highly pigmented, waterproof, and will stay put all day. I have so many issues with smearing liners, but this one is pretty awesome. I’ve have yet to other drugstore eye pencils that match up as well. I highly recommend you try it, or even better, save some cash and go straight for their Eye Pen Kit, where you can try 5 colors (plus a sharpener! pictured above) for $25. It’s the best gift you can give (even to yourself ☺).

(4) Bialetti’s I Caffé d’Italia single serve espresso machine, $199

Bialetti's I Caffé d’Italia espresso machine


Bialetti’s I Caffé d’Italia single serve espresso machine is the best thing to happen to my mornings. The matte black machine is not only the most gorgeous thing on my countertop, it has a 20 bar high pressure system to provide the perfect espresso with the most authentic Italian taste. It seriously reminds me of vacation in Rome, when my friends and I wouldn’t go anywhere without our daily cup of cappuccino. I get so excited now when guests come so they can taste it themselves.
All the different flavors

The machine uses their own special coffee blends that preserves the flavor in an aluminum capsule (you can choose from a mild to full bodied strengths). Their page shows all the specifications of each flavor, but seriously try all of them – there’s always an occasion for each. Not to mention, it makes the best gift ever and doesn’t take too much space for smaller kitchens (NYC approved).

(5) Victoria by Victoria’s Secret Perfume, $68

Victoria by VS eau de parfum

By now you know my obsession with Victoria’s Secret scents, and their latest did not disappoint. Victoria has berries, rose, and crème brulee that is fruity but elegant. Have to keep a little bottle with me wherever I go now.

(6) St. Ives Triple Butters Creamy Vanilla, $3

St. Ives Triple Butters Creamy Vanilla body wash

Love body washes that not only feel decadent and moisturizing in the shower, but also leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated even after. It’s 100% natural, has a beautiful vanilla scent, and costs less about $3. Not just triple butters, but triple win too.

(7) Colgate Wisp Mini-brush, $8 for 16

Colgate Wisp mini brushes

There is rarely an on-the-go mouth cleaning tool that I think makes my mouth feel as clean wherever I am. Not sure what took me so long to discover Colgate’s Wisp Mini-Brushes, but glad I did. They allow you to brush, pick, and freshen breath at once. Perfect for flights or to keep in your purse in case.

(8) Havaianas Espradrilles, $38

Havaiana Espradrilles

I’ve grown a bit attached to my Havaianas Original Ballerina Espadrilles. Because I’m basically wearing flip flops at work, but they look like they could fall in the category of Tom’s, and let me pretend I’m at the beach all at once.

(9) Sultra Beauty The Bombshell 1.5” Curling Rod, $130

Sultra Beauty The Bombshell 1.5 inch barrel

This, admittedly, took me a little getting used to. I first found it hard to use because I wasn’t used to such a big curling rod, but once I did figure it out, I decidedly can’t live without it. This is the biggest size barrel you can get with a clipless iron (most are only 1″), and it makes the most natural looking, super loose beachy waves. They look even better the next day IMO. It features rapid heat-up, and auto shut off which makes my mornings even easier. One thing is like some other clipless irons, it heats up to an even 380 degrees. It has only an on/off switch, but no temperature control (it goes straight to the highest), so make sure you use it with the glove it comes with and a heat protectant spray for your hair.

(10) Agadir Argan Oil Hair Shield 450 Plus Spray Treatment, $40

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Shield

Oh hey, we’re talking about heat protectants? The one I’ve been using/loving is Agadir’s Argan Oil Hair Shield. It protects up to 450 degrees and leaves hair shiny, healthy, and smelling like heaven. Not a bad combo.

(11) Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVDs, $90

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis dvd set

I worked out with Tracy Anderson once for an event, and it was hardcore. She had us sweating in 20 minutes, and the DVDs pretty much do the same. I’m kind of bored of the same gym routine and I started using these at home. Fair warning: they’re not easy, and they also require an hour of working out 6x a week. I’m trying to make it fit into my schedule more (I’ve also realized if I work out RIGHT when I get home, there are better chances of me following through). But man, will you feel it. The only downside is probably keeping the motivation up, which for me is usually lost with at-home workout DVD’s. The only thing keeping me going is the results — you feel a difference in just a few days. Also, she changes up the workouts every 10 days for 3 months so you don’t plateau. Doesn’t require much equipment either: she makes you rely mostly on your own body weight, or 3 lb weights at most, but an exercise mat is also essential.

(12) Rachel by Rachel Roy Earrings, $19-$26

Heart and arrow

Safety pin earrings, $26

I’ve always been a fan of Rachel Rachel Roy jewelry — affordable, trendy and cute. These studs with complementary but different pairing are so unique and go with almost everything. It’s actually on sale right now and sold as a set for $19. But her safety pin earrings are my next purchase. It’s hard to decide!

What got you through last month?

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    I have to try St. Ives Triple Butters Creamy Vanilla body wash! I love that it’s free of parabens and 100% natural!

    Posted 10.5.13

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