Men Days: An excitingly classy (and affordable!) grooming Kit from Harry’s

Last month, I was searching for another men’s product for this very column and somehow landed on Harry’s. How I never knew about this company is beyond me, but I’m obsessed with these razors and gift kit. I always find that if you want to get a shaving kit, you’re left with few options. There’s the Gillette drugstore option, or the much more high end The Art of Shaving — both which can make excellent gifts but Harry’s falls somewhere in the middle. You get the luxury of beautiful craftmanship at an unbelievable price.

Harry's FW13 collection

The Truman Set

The company relies on German engineering to mold steel into razors for high end barbers throughout Europe.The Truman Set comes with their sleek Truman zinc alloy handle, three blades, a tube of shave cream (with coconut and marula oils), and a handy little Shave Guide.

The sophisticated Harry's set box

Truman handle

The razor

Blade box

Extra razors

Shave Cream

Co-founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider (co-founder of Warby Parker), the brand’s mantra is ‘a great shave at a fair price.’ Even considering what might be “fair” for all you’re getting in this kit, I’d still guess this kit would be upwards of $80. It’s hard to believe that you can get the whole set for only $15. The Winston Set with a chrome handle runs a cool $25.

The Winston Set

The handles alone cost $10-$20, and the blades cost $2 or less. I like the idea that the gift I’m getting someone won’t cost an arm and a leg to refill so this makes the whole thing even more appealing. My tester loved it for a few reasons: it was easy to clean compared to drugstore brands, the four blades and swivel head made for a comfortable shave (if your guy is into shaping up though, it’s hard to precision through corners and mustache lines). If he’s going for clean shaven, this will easily give him a nice and smooth finish. Check them all out at Also, check out their very own e-magazine, Five O’Clock that covers all ground from shaves, to women, to style.

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