Target and Ugly Sweater parties

Target is celebrating the ugs with Movember and the love/hate we have with ugly sweater parties. I don’t think I’ve ever attended an ugly sweater party exactly, but the closest thing was something my friends came up with for a joint party of birthdays that they called the ‘Orange Party.’ If it had a tagline, it would be, “…because who looks good in orange?” Naturally, not a lot of us owned anything purely orange, so we had to go out and buy tops that honored the theme (I bought some ugly polyester orange top that I never wore again). Here’s the only picture I can find from that God-forsaken time, which my friend Sarah appropriately captioned, “The most unflattering color ever.”

Why did we agree to this? And yes, there was also orange cake...

The weird camera setting to accentuate the ugs didn’t help. But we played along. The birthday boys even showed up in orange pumpkin outfits (mind you, it was February…where they found those costumes is beyond me).

Whether you’re supporting Movember or attending a similar aforementioned party, Target came out with some products to help support the cause:

Ugly sweater 1

Ugly sweater 2

Ugly sweater 3

Movember socks

Movember glasses

Go from “meh” to “merry” with @Target!

Do you have any memories from ugly sweater parties or Movember? Share them in the comments below!


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