Men-Days: ShaveTech USB travel shaver

I feel like I’m in serious hibernation mode this month. So apologies in advance for slowing down the posts but there is still so much to cover :). Since I started my Men-Days column, I’ve realized there about 3 billion ways men can shave. Who knew? We get like, one. Anyway, as soon as I came across ShaveTech, I thought it would make a cool gift for a guy on-the-go. It’s a USB-powered portable electric shaver. The ultra-slim design pretty much makes it looks like a smartphone and easy to slip in a luggage, briefcase…I dunno, pocket?

ShaveTech shavers

If your guy cares about design as much as function, check this out! It comes in the sleek illustrous black, or fresh white. Guess, just guess how much it costs (hint: it’s under $50). It looks way more expensive than the $30 it’ll cost, especially for the quality. The USB charging function is also convenient so you don’t need to worry about a separate overseas adapter for it — just a charged comp :). Just keep in mind, without a trimming function, best for those who prefer clean shaven over your beard-and-moustache folk.

ShaveTech is available to purchase at for $30. PS, order by December 13th so it makes it in time for the holidays!

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