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At The Attic
{I’m going slightly out of order in my LA restaurant jaunts…} Right before heading to the airport, I went to Long Beach with some friends to visit Asma, another NY transplant. We walked around the coast and ended up at The Attic, a cute, homey restaurant on Broadway. We sat in the front, under a canopy of lights and tables painted by local Long Beach artists.


The menu is a touch of southern hospitality in Cali with its American, Creole-style menu. We JUST missed brunch, but the dinner menu looked just as appetizing. We settled on The Napoleon (marinated and grilled portobello mushrooms stuffed with white bean puree, braised greens, caramelized onions, & grilled peppers over homemade herbed tomato sauce, topped with sour cream, and green onions), a veggie burger with cajun style fries and a side of berries, The Crabby Patty (crab patty, coleslaw, and tomatoes on an onion Bun); and the most beautiful invention yet: Mac N’ Cheetos — cheddar, mozzarella, jack cheese, with crumbled spicy Cheetos and green onions.
Mac N Cheetos

Mac n Cheetos

Crabby Patty

Veggie Burger

Side of fresh berries

The Napoleon

Cajun fries

The mac ‘n cheetos didn’t disappoint. It’s normally served with bacon, and we ordered it without which is probably where some of the flavor went. The macaroni and cheese itself was a little bland but the spicy hot cheetos helped that a lot. The rest of us loved our dishes.

The only complaint we had was even though the wait staff was extremely nice, the service was also extremely slow. I thought maybe it was the New Yorker in me who thought so, but our LA friend (hi Saba!) thought the same thing. After waiting almost an hour for our food, our waitress told us that everyone had come at once so things are a little slower than usual (and it looked like she was the only one tending to the patrons outside so it could have been an off-night). Our order was a little messed up when they brought us out extra fries which I pointed out. They still charged us for it, but took another 15 minutes to fix it. Still think the ambiance and food made up for it — and next time, I really need to try one of their desserts: mocha tres leches, molten lava chocolate cake, or banana bread pudding. I’m salivating thinking of it.

Restaurant Info:
The Attic

3441 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 433-0153
Long Beach

Meal: Dinner

Occasion: Visiting Asma!
Price: $$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: *** (they had plenty of tables for couples and groups alike)
Food: ***
Service: ** (could have been a little quicker)
Would I go back?: Yes!

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