Love: Mirabella’s La La Lips

I’m obsessing over Mirabella‘s Spring 2014 collection of lip pencils, La La Lips. These lip pencils are indulgent in both color and velvety texture. They seriously glide on like butter to a perfect satin finish.

Mirabella La La Lips

Each swipe is saturated with so much pigment. It comes in 6 shades, from baby pink to magenta to red and coral and they’re the most gorgeous shades of each.

Red Velvet

Rose Velvet

Plus, its proprietary Berryflux Vita Active (a raspberry cultured stem cell extract) help your lips from drying out, keeping them supple and soft. Check them out at ($23 each).

Update: Fair warning, after wearing it all day I noticed it can bleed a tiny bit, and doesn’t stay put as well as a matte lipstick. That said, the color is gorgeous, just keep a mirror handy for touch ups!

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