Today’s flight essentials…

Another day, another flight. There are some things I don’t board a plane without:

Travel essentials

1) Perfume
, in this case Lovestruck by Vera Wang, a gorgeous gift from my friend Maryam. It’s a mix of pink guava, mandarin, tuberose, lotus and the cap is the prettiest lil bouquet. I also like to use those little perfume dispensers they give you at Sephora to spray perfume in to make it carry on friendly.

2) Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid
– I wish I could pass these out to everyone on the plane. Nothing worse than BO in confined places, but I digress. I learned at an event recently that there are three different types of sweat: from exercising, from heat/environment, and the last one is stress. Exercise sweat comes from the eccrine gland which is mostly water, but stress seat smells the worst cuz it’s cause from completely different gland, apocrine, which has more nutrients, which means more bacteria and odor. Running to catch a flight? You’re more likely to be emitting stress sweat. Not only does this deodorant have heavy duty protection, it’s also one of the smaller deodorants to throw in your purse.

3) Reach Total Care dental floss
– I’m kinda a weirdo about flossing. I can’t eat any snacks on a small flight without flossing right after. This one is more gentle on my gums too.

4) Acuvue Moist 1-Day contacts
– I can never sleep on flights so I just assume I’ll be up, in which case if I am going to wear contacts, it has to be a really moisturizing one to combat the dry plane air. These are the best. THE best. No contact case needed.

5) Lifeline Eye Firming Complex
– I’ve been taking the travel size amounts of this line with me in the last few travels, and it’s been keeping my skin so soft. It contains growth factors that help produce more collagen, as well as vitamin C, and super antioxidant Matrixyl 3000 and hyaluronic acid. (The full size eye cream is $97, but the travel kit which contains a mini eye cream as well as day and night cream costs the same).

6) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
– Not only do I always always travel with this, I don’t even leave home without it. I’ve written about it before, but it keeps my skin so hydrated and soft. It’s a tad sticky, and it smells a tad medicinal, but it’s repairing properties makes it easily forgiveable for me. Probably why this is Elizabeth Arden’s award winning staples.

7) MAC Fix+
You should just have this in your makeup kit regardless. It refreshes your skin, or sets your makeup — whatever you want it to do really. When I met Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor at the IIFA awards years ago, he always kept this handy to keep skin looking fresh after long travels and long days. I just learn from the best :).

What do you keep with you when you travel?

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