Molly Sims goes red with Nexxus!

Model Molly Sims recently made a bold move with the help of Nexxus celebrity colorist and ambassador, Aura Friedman, who transformed her from blonde into a redhead. I almost didn’t recognize the stunner when she walked in (the last time I met her she looked totally different!).

Molly Sims and Aura Friedman

About the transformation, Sims said she was “so nervous” about going from blonde to a copper red, but she said, “I turned 40 and I wanted a change.” Might I add, for 40-years-old, homegirl looked totally stunning in a floral Suno dress. The red tones somehow brought out her green eyes and she looked positively radiant. As a newly minted redhead, Sims also said her makeup routine changed completely.

Nexxus Color Assure line

As a redhead, I had to go darker on the brows,” she said. “I also mix foundation and apply it with a wet Beautyblender sponge for just a light coverage, and started using more gold and brown eyeshadow tones on on my eyes.” Also fun fact, the first person she sent a picture of her new hair to? “Believe it or not, it was my dad!” So cute.

To keep up the color, Sims, the new spokesperson for Nexxus’ new line Color Assure swears by their Pre-Wash Primer, which you use before you shower on your hair to form a protective film over each strand. This keeps the color locked in and shiny. In several tests, they showed us how the primer seals and microscopic holes in your strands so keep hair looking and feeling stronger. Their Radiant Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner are also sulfate-free so it won’t strip strands of color (and smells divine). Their Glossing Tonic is a finishing touch that Sims says she uses for even more shine.

Aura Friedman with Molly Sims

Aura Friedman was also on hand to talk about how platinum and reds seem to be the new trendy colors based off the runways this season…in case you’re looking for a change…
Before and after

What do you think? Do you prefer Sims as a blonde or redhead? I think she pulls it off!

Nexxus Color Assure products are available at, and range from $4-$18.

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