La La Anthony, Roselyn Sanchez more celebrate P&G’s Nueva Latina campaign

Last Thursday, celebrity guests La La Anthony (VH-1 Single Ladies), Roselyn Sanchez (Lifetime’s Devious Maids), Angie Martinez, and Paula Garces, among others, came out to share their support of the Nueva Latina Monologues, written and directed by Linda Nieves-Powell. The monologues personifies the unique journey of the bicultural Latina experience through emotion, comedy and authenticity.


I caught up with La La Anthony on the carpet about her thoughts on the night:

La La Anthony

Beauty and the Feast: Why was it important to you to support this event?
La La Anthony:
Part of it was my own background of being Latina. That’s who I am and I wanted to show people that we come in all shades – we don’t just look one way. It’s great to represent that. I’m also a big fan of Roselyn Sanchez, and it’s just great to be here and connect with people.

BATF: What do you think it’s the biggest obstacle for Latin women in your industry right now?
I think it’s an obstacle for all women to be in the forefront of anything – to be in film, to be in TV…what you’re seeing right now is such a wave of African American women and Hispanic women doing that. Now’s the time to really take advantage of that and I’m glad to be a part of that movement by being on television and breaking the door down for young up-and-coming women who aspire to do that as well.

BATF: Congratulations on the success of your book, The Love Playbook, being a New York Times’ best-seller! What has been the best feedback you’ve gotten on it?
The best response is when young women, some who have been in abusive relationships, have told me it’s changed their lives. The book is really about loving yourself first, and not looking for a man to make you feel whole. I really preach that.

BATF: Finally, what is one beauty product you can’t leave the house without?
It’s sooo ridiculous, but I can’t leave the house without Carmex! I’m obsessed. I hate chapped lips. I have it everywhere. Between me and my son, we go through a tube every other week.

BATF: Is that what you’re wearing right now?
I have my own makeup line – so yes, underneath my own Motives lip gloss, of course ☺.

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