Cezanne: The new wash-and-go salon keratin treatment

I feel like all my friends who have indulged in keratin hair treatments unanimously swear by it. Up until now, I never tried it mostly because I wasn’t sure I even needed it for my sometimes wavy/sometimes straight hair, thinking it was reserved mostly for coarse or curly hair types. Keratin treatments are, in case you don’t know, smoothing treatments, generally done in the salon to banish frizz and cut your blow drying time in half. Imagine letting your hair air dry to look like it was treated to a blow out. Pretty much a miracle for most of us. That’s what keratin treatments do for people who feel like they’re spend wayyy too much time on their hair.

Keratin treatments in a nutshell

There are different kinds of keratin treatments available, and the process can be a bit tedious: the stylist will apply the solution that you have to keep it in your hair for at least three days (no washing it out!). In the mean time, you’ll likely seek refuge from any social events lest anyone sees your hair which by day three will normally culminates to a a greasy, helmet-head looking mess.

Its other criticism is the formaldehyde found in many treatments (a chemical emitted during the process, and another reason I was weary to get one for myself). Although now, salons are offering options to get the treatment containing formulas made without it, there’s one that has arguably one up’d them all: Cezanne is the new kid on the block that is 100% formaldehyde-free, with zero ‘down time,’ meaning you can immediately wash or color your hair right after. Plus, while some keratin treatments smooth your hair out straight, this will still allow your hair to be curled.

Cezanne products

All that was enough to catch my attention and I signed up to get my hair done by Taylor at The Butterfly Studio in NYC and see for once what it’s all about.

The process is relatively simple, but long: Taylor first used Cezanne’s Clarifying Shampoo to remove any oil and buildup and prime my hair. Then he did a rough blow dry, and applied the actual Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment and left it on for 30 minutes. Right after he rinsed my hair again, blow dried it again, then used a flat iron to smooth out my hair. My hair was stick straight, but as promised he could wash it a third time to style it (normally, you would leave after it’s flat ironed so you can go home and wash/style it as you want, but Taylor wanted to add some curls in my hair the way I normally set it so I can see how the finished results would look). The whole process took about three hours.

Inside Butterfly Studio in NYC

I finished the treatment with the smoothest, glossiest hair. I was amazed really. But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. If you’ve never had keratin treatments done, they don’t have the best smell. This one doesn’t have a strong one, but it has somewhat of a different (Taylor warned me about this), almost a dusty scent to it which is faint and maybe something you can only smell yourself. I noticed it wears off, unless you keep adding some keratin back with their proprietary products.

The second thing I was worried about was my hair falling flat. To be honest, I’m so used to my hair poofing up, the first couple weeks was me just trying to figure out how to style my hair. Even with the spottiest blow dry, my hair would smooth out and, yes, fall a little flat. But it took about 3 weeks for it to figure itself out and my hair still had shiny volume when I curled it (curls, by the way, DO happen but the first couple weeks they were not as full and needed more product to build volume).

Also, if you ever are in a hotel and have to use one of their wall dryers (like I had to do multiple times over the course of these past few months), this treatment is a God-send. The treatment lasts about 3-5 months (and yes, you can have it done on hair that has been colored). That also depends on your individual hair type, texture and maintenance routine. I’ve had it for two months now and loving it. My hair feels smoother, and frizz was a thing of yesterday. I wouldn’t recommend it if your hair is already fine, but if you’re dealing with course hair or don’t have time to blow dry the kinks out, you may want to consider.

The process: Blow dry, flat iron, another immediate wash, then smoother curls!

Be warned though: it does cost a pretty penny. Pricing varies, but it can run up to $350 (about $70 that you’re dishing out per month for its duration in your hair). You are probably saving against time and money you’d normally spend on blowouts and products if you think about it, but it’s not exactly the most wallet-friendly treatment. I HIGHLY recommend Butterfly Studio in NYC if you want to try it. Taylor was so knowledgeable on the products and styling, I wouldn’t want to try it anywhere else.

What do you think — have you ever gotten keratin done? Would you try this one? If not, what’s stopping you? Thoughts? Share! I missed you guys.
Salon Info:
Butterfly Studio

149 5th Avenue # 2,
New York, NY 10010
(212) 253-2100

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  1. Edna wrote:

    It would have been a better review if you showed a before picture. There is nothing to compare

    Posted 6.18.14
  2. shyema wrote:

    That’s true. I had just got off a flight and was barely awake when I walked in haha. Good suggestion for next time.

    Posted 6.18.14
  3. Danielle Bohannon wrote:

    I have been a stylist for sixteen years.My motto is “If it sounds too good to be true ,it’s because it is”.Japanese straightening , Brazilian blow outs, keratin marketed as a protein treatment w/ no chemicals present ,I have witnessed them all damage hair( I have never used any of the above).That being said, I find it hard to believe the result is the same or better than a treatment that possesses harsh chemicals.MAKE ME A BELIEVER!!! I have researched Cezanne a bit but I remain skeptical.I am a manager as well as a busy stylist who would love to carry a healthy choice for our clients hair .Thank You , Danielle Bohannon

    Posted 7.21.14
  4. Lindsey wrote:

    Thanks for sharing Shyema. One of my salons just started offering the Cezzane treatment for $250. I have a head FULL of fine blonde hair, and have tried 3 keratin smoothing treatments so far:

    The first was August 2013. It was a California Smooth smoothing treatment for $99. My hair was washed once, then the thick bluish liquid was applied directly to my hair, left on for 3o minutes, blow-dried, and flat ironed. My hair felt slightly greasy with this treatment, which I had to not wash for 72 hours. It had a faint smell, but it was mild/fresh smell. After the wash period, my hair was shiny and the frizz was reduced. I didn’t experience spectacular results, but since I have a lot of naturally wavy hair, the frizz is a big problem for me. This lasted for about 2-3 months.

    Then, in January of 2014, I had a Super Smooth keratin treatment done for $180. (My salon normally charges $200 for this, but I was given a discount.)This was quite an experience; I think it was more of an extensive straightening treatment. I had a face mask (covering my forehead and above my eyes) and the smell was very potent. After having other smoothing treatments done, I do believe it contained an adelhyde in one form or another. After it was applied (which she sprayed & combed through my hair) I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes. Then came the gruelling part. My hair was flat ironed SO MUCH, that I thought my hair would just fall out of my head. I know, I know, flat ironing seals in the treatment-but ladies, pay attention!! (I had a second stylist who took over the flat iron, after my original stylist went over it about 50 times already. The second stylist exclaimed that the flat iron part was done & protested, but she was told by the senior to do it again.) Leaving the salon, my hair was pin straight and very greasy. The 72 hour waiting period was bad–the smell was bothering my eyes and my hair was so greasy,by the 3rd day it was like glue against my scalp. After washing, my hair dried very straight but it was flat. It was very shiny, which I liked, but continued to feel greasy. In fact, I didn’t really start liking it until about 2 months later, when I saw some volume coming back and was still able to combat my frizz. On another note, I did not like the smell of this treatment or the shampoo & conditioner. The conditioner was very heavy even for my hair, and I use a lot of conditioner.

    In August of 2014, I got a one month smoothing treatment for $75 dollars, which smelled exactly like chocolate. This was the best of the treatments so far. Even after washing and applying the treatment with a spray bottle, and ironing after, my hair was not greasy at all. It was soft, shiny, and still held volume. AND I only had to wait 24 hours to wash. My hair is not pin straight, but it’s really shiny and still holds volume and has nearly no frizz at all. LADIES, if you have fine hair, I suggest trying a treatment like this versus the full-blown Cezzane or other harsher straigtening treatments. I am not saying Cezzane is harsh, but I do believe these treatments are made for COARSER hair, else your fine baby hairs wil fall flat.

    DO ask if it contains aldehyde.
    DO speak up if they are doing something that you believe is harmful to your hair.
    DO pick the treatment that is best for YOUR HAIR, because the best treatment may not be what’s best for you.
    Good luck!

    Posted 8.25.14
  5. Hi Super blog! I love your entire blog, but felt I should comment on this one because it is one of my favorites! keep up the great posts!

    Posted 11.13.14
  6. Anastasia wrote:

    The result really look amazing. But $350 for a hair treatment is way out of my budget. Can this be done at home? Or is it really better not to mess around and leave the job to the pro?

    Posted 11.29.14
  7. Judy T. wrote:

    i came across this and just had to comment; i was looking for an effective hair straightener without all the chemicals and was looking into the cezanne treatment until i came across magic sleek. not only is it formaldehyde free but it doesn’t even have harsh chemicals. i have sensitive skin and it didn’t bother my scalp, there was no offensive odor and no FUMES AT ALL!!!!! my daughter also has it done and she’s SIX!!! thats how safe this treatment is. i brought a list of ingredients to my doctor when i was pregnant to see if it would be safe and HE APPROVED IT! this product has changed my life. definitely check it out! if you’re not using it you’re missing out

    Posted 4.8.15
  8. Suzi wrote:

    I have totally frizzy ethnic Italian hair .. And It totally is like Sammy Hagar on a humid day all the time .. I tried the Cezanne treatment .. And WOW What a difference .. I absolutely LOVED it … I had it done at the end of May beginning of June .. and my hair is still pretty straight .. I am going to make another appointment for another treatment .. I loved it and it is so nice to wake up and wash my hair ( I did buy the shampoo and conditioner for extra) and just let it air dry without looking like a frizz head all day!!

    Posted 9.18.15
  9. Kiwi Jess wrote:

    I have tried the Cezanne and find it just “meh”. It certainly hasn’t made my hair any straighter. The shampoo and conditioner absolutely stinks (it’s almost embarrassing) and has made my hair very oily (too much added moisture).
    It HAS cut down on straightening time though – it’s definitely a lot easier now. I probably won’t do it again though. It’s more of a treatment than a miracle product.

    Posted 10.20.15
  10. Butterfly Studio Salon is the best place i choose for my hair care about last week. I highly recommend Butterfly Studio in NYC too.

    Posted 3.18.16
  11. Really butterfly studio is a place where you can get a stupendous makeover under experts…Cheers to butterfly studio !!

    Posted 5.3.16
  12. Mary Ware wrote:

    I do the best JUVEXIN treatment to my hair every six months. It really works for my dry, curly and frizzy hair. No harsh chemicals and formaldehyde. It’s pure natural derived from pristine sheep through a natural and friendly process. Only one application keeps my hair straight, smooth and soft for upto 5 months. This is pretty amazing if I am say so. Isn’t it?

    Posted 6.20.16
  13. Anne wrote:

    I had this treatment and regretted it. Although I was warned of the potential for the treatment to fade my blonde highlights, I was not prepared for it turn a pale horrible yellow. My hair actually took longer to style, the bangs were flat, it was limp, greasy, stuck to my scalp, had to wash it everyday as opposed to twice a week, and it would not hold a shape. I finally stopped using the Cezanne shampoo and conditioner and went back to my Oleo Relax from Kerastase to try to get this treatment out of my hair faster. Would never ever do it again. I spent $350 on Cezanne Treatment and a week later another $250 to correct the color – my colorist said “please do not do that treatment again” (Cezanne).

    Posted 6.23.16
  14. After seeing the reviews of the customer, i had bought Cezanne Shampoo. First 2-3 days, the result was not upto mark but after that, the result was remarkable and now my hair are super dressed. I will strongly recommend to use this shampoo.

    Posted 7.1.16
  15. Jessica wrote:

    I tried Magic Sleek and loved it! It is formaldehyde free, can last up to 6 months and is safe on pregnant women. I also found out beforehand that you can wash your hair the same day as the treatment! Anyway, I loved it. My hair was frizzy and after I had this done, my hair became pin straight! I washed it and it dries straight! It is amazing!

    Posted 12.16.16
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