5 things I’m loving about #IntelTablets right now (review)

A couple months ago, Intel reached out to me to let me experience their Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet and see if it’ll help a blogger out. A) I never owned a tablet of any kind so I was down to try it; and B) My laptop is not the of the lightweight kind and lugging it around to blog has been giving me shoulder pains lately, so now I’ve turned this into a health issue (see what I did there?).

My very own Dell tablet!

Also everyone makes fun of how I’ve been blogging for years but have the most outdated tech stuff — including but not limited to my laptop, phone, and iPod. #haters.

ANYWAY. Here are 6 things I’ve already loved about having it around:

1) Twitter and Facebook are much more fun to peruse

Home screen

2) It’s soooo small I can carry it around when I’m blogging on the go.

On the go

The built-in camera has helped me with restaurant blogging and I can upload it right to my blog if need be. But its tiny size has been the biggest plus for me so far. It’s lighter than my camera, for real.

3) I can catch up with my shows (in HD!) with their Netflix and Hulu+ apps

Hulu+ FTW

Finally re-joining pop culture conversations again.

4) Staying connected with family via Skype is a lot easier


So basically, my parents love it too. And my nephew (maybe…he never sits still when I try to Skype with the little bugger).

5) iPads are cool, but this is too — and at a fraction of the price.

It's not that much bigger than my phone!

It starts at $250, plus the sleek black interface and dimensions (it’s less than a pound) make it even lighter than an iPad too.

Any of you try it? What would you use a tablet for? Share your thoughts below!

Learn more about Intel Tablets!

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