5 Hostess and Housewarming gift ideas

Hope ya’ll had a great Thanksgiving and are overcoming any bouts of food comas. And now, the shopping :). Don’t you love the irony of spending a night of being thankful to just go shopping for more the next day? On a positive note, giving gifts is always a good thing, yes? I love, love brainstorming gifts and lately I’ve been thinking about what gifts I would like to receive would make good gifts for your hosts. Here are some of my faves:

1. Kusmi Wellness Teas Gift Set, $56

Kusmi gift set

First of all, HOW PRETTY?! I love that this tea set assorted like a colorful pinwheel. This single handedly got me to drink tea three times a day.  It contains a delicious selection of 42 herbal teas each delicately wrapped in muslin. Whenever we have guests over, I love taking this box out and letting them look through blends of maté, green tea and lemongrass; or ones with grapefruit, or even unlikely ones like chocolate and orange. Worth every cent.

2. Savannah Bee Once Upon A Hive The Book of Honey, $59.95

Savannah Bee Story Book honey sampler


There’s nothing I don’t adore about this set — an assortment of nine 3 oz. jars of Savannah Bee Honey (one of my favorite purveyors of gourmet honey) in a fairy tale gift box. I’ve had mine for a while and still can’t get myself to open any of the jars because they look so perfect nestled in this faux book case. If you do have the heart to rummage through its perfect presentation, you can still use the case. Add it to your book shelf for a discreet storage case.

3. David’s Tea The Steeper, $29.50


A genius and fun way to drink tea. This contains a filter in a tea pot to easily steep loose-leaf tea and once your tea is ready, just place the bottom of this over your tea cup and push down and the tea will flow through a hidden valve right into your cup, without any of the ingredient particles.

4. World Olive Oil Sampler gift set, $17


Trust me anyone who loves to cook will love a set of oils like this one (I just found this one at the Olive Orchard which has a nice selection and affordable). But even getting one larger bottle tied with a pretty ribbon make a nice and useful gift. Amazon and Williams-Sonoma are also great place to look.

5. Agraria Woven Crystal Cane Candles, $35-$55

Agraria Candles

You’ll always find scented candles around my apartment, not just for ambiance but I’m a little OCD about picking out scents. Agraria from San Francisco makes the most beautiful vegetable-based blends of candles, and one of my favorites is their newest one, Golden Cassis. Another reason I love these so much is the case itself is a work of art. It’s a woven crystal design and silver lid. There’s so much thought put into the presentation, as with their equally gorgeous air diffusers:

Air Essence Diffuser in Mediterranean Jasmine

Thought the diffuser is priced at a work of art too ($120). If $35 for a candle is also a little over budget, AirWick also makes scented candles for under $5 in frosted containers. If you buy a couple and package them in a basket, they make beautiful gifts. AirWick, by the way, always have special limited edition ones during the holidays that can transform a room. Make sure you get on it though, or else you’ll end up with a broken heart like I did when they ran out of their Rocky Mountain limited edition one in a green frosted case — everyone who came over always commented on it (I’m still petitioning them to bring it back!!).

What gifts do you like giving a host, or getting as one?

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