New restaurant opening: Henri on Fifth in Park Slope

Grilled cheese and Pac-Man. Need I say more?

Henri on Fifth in Park Slope, Brooklyn

I was invited recently to check out a preview of Henri on Fifth, a new restaurant in Park Slope that mixes an eclectic cuisine drawing on the owner Binh Douglas and his wife’s heritage (he’s part Vietamese, Native American, African American and she’s part French and German) with a comfortable atmosphere and a bottomless supply of board games. The place is named after their newborn (cue the ‘awwwwws’). To be honest, what reeled me in was when they told me there’d be a “fun selection of retro board games to play” because I’m really 12 and How fun?! I braved the cold to take a 20 minute subway ride down to BK after work, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the food was even more astounding.

List of available games. I requested they add Taboo to the line up because then it'd be OVER.

The arcade games are found inside two tables you can play at (no coins needed)

And the menu was just what the winter blues calls for: buttery nut squash soup, sliders with caramelized shallots and sherry thyme, pretzel bread with muenster and sauerkraut, truffle fries, banh mini tacos, several types of succulent grilled cheeses, and probably my favorite unexpected treat, deviled eggs filled with seasoned siracha cream and a little BBQ chip that gives it the perfect balance of taste and texture.

Grilled cheese bite

Deviled egg

Butter nutty squash soup

Pretzel bread with sauerkraut and muenster

Between tasting the menu items, and killing my friend Mehak at Pac-Man, it was a pretty solid night. If you need a chill spot to eat and be merry with Connect 4, Check this place out. The restaurant will soon have brunch so I expect to be back soon myself.

A picture of the loser

Check out their FB page for more info.

Restaurant Info:
Henri on Fifth

279 5th Ave,
Brooklyn, New York, NY 11215
(347) 294-4631
Park Slope

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