My new daily grind: Coffee tasting with Chemex’s pour over

Guys, I’m not sure what I was drinking before, but I’m with the coffee snobs on this one: drip coffee tastes way better.

Chemex pour over

I probably wouldn’t have fully appreciated it had my friend Russell (hi Russell!) got me this hourglass contraption from Chemex for my birthday. I was super intimidated to try it but after a quick lesson I realized we are just spoiled senseless by coffee machines. Here’s a quick Instagram video I did:

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Here are the steps

1) Place a filter over the top in a cone shape.

2) Before adding the coffee, pour warm water over the top and let it filter too to warm up the filter.

3) Add desired coffee (I usually do a tsp and a half for one cup). Add a just enough water to let the coffee ‘bloom’ (this is caused naturally when the CO2 gases are released from the coffee). Basically (nerdspeak alert*), when the water hits the coffee, the rate of degassing increases, which causes the grounds to puff up noticeably. This actually pushes any water flowing through away from the grounds. If water doesn’t have sufficient contact with the grounds, the extraction won’t be great, so if you do this step and wet the coffee first helps prevent this. Just wait a few seconds til the dome deflates.

4) Next, just pour as much water as you want for your cup of coffee.

5) I like my coffee really hot so I put my Chemex over a really low heat on the stove while the coffee pours through. You can add this to heat with no problem.

Irving Farm coffee

I never imagined I would enjoy straight up black coffee with no extra sugar or milk, but this tastes so good I don’t feel the need for either. This Chemex takes away from the bitterness, so you can really taste the coffee. And on that note, this particular brew is delicious: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters coffee from Ethiopia. It tastes so good and makes my whole kitchen smell like java heaven.

Chemex pour over and grounded coffee from Irving Farm

Such a great gift. I’ve been having it every day and another thing I love about it is it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste, or taste super acidic (which I hate feeling on my teeth afterwards). I don’t know if I’m crazy but it’s a totally different experience. Anyways, just the news on my latest conversion.

Any one use this, or a french press for their coffee? Because I totally get it now.

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