Governors Ball with Dove

A quick recap about this before this past weekend’s Governors Ball is stale news (which honestly, I’m still reeling over).

Where's Shy?

Concert watching with 50,000 people!

As you might have seen on my Instagram, I went as a guest of Dove who did an amazing job of making my very first music festival as fun and pleasant as can be. So spoiled that I don’t know how I would have done it without their pimped out cabana/manicure oasis directly next to the main stage (this is what they call #firstworldproblems). In full festival-spirit, they had Lulu DK flash tattoos, flower crowns, and even Dove-scented bubbles flying around our cabanas.

Flower crowns and flower bubbles

Flash tattoos from LuluDK which are so legit -- several showers, workout sessions and even a soak later and they're still holding on!

We started off the day with the Dove team telling us about their mandarin and tiare flower-infused Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash which I already had sitting in my shower at home. I was just eager to see the bands play, and since we were given access to the main stage and VIP entry to the other two stages, it made concert-watching a fun experience. I didn’t realize the tie in with the body wash would come later.
Gov Ball balloon arch

Seventeen — yes, 17 — hours later, we had a day that started with the pouring rain, then sunshine which we basked in while our shoes got muddy in the freshly-wet grass, and ending with all the sweat from dancing for hours to the best music I’ve heard live in a long time. I saw pretty much everyone I hoped to and more, starting with Priory, Rae Sremmurd, to Chromeo, Future, Florence + the Machine, and ending with Odesza, Ratatat, and DRAKE who couldn’t have brought it home any harder with the finale.
Ratatat with a laser show


When I got home, I was exhausted and just feeling so disgustingly dirty that I bee-lined for the shower. There wasn’t a moment where I could have appreciated the body wash more, so this tie-in was as natural as it gets. After a festival like this, all you want is to be clean and smelling like flowers and rainbows before a good night’s sleep, so well done, Dove.
Dove Go Fresh Revitalize body wash

Thank you the amazing Dove team for an experience I won’t forget! Hope to do it again very soon :).

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