Avocado and pomegranate breakfast

I’ve been getting up extra early lately to make breakfast since I’ve realized how much better my days are going when I do (especially the more stressful ones with work). I know it sounds crazy, but I think even trying new recipes and getting creative with it has been giving me more reason to jump out of bed. This was a creation from this past week:

This week in breakfast
This week in breakfast

I needed to use the avocado I had since it was getting bad, so after slicing and peeling one, I squeezed half a lemon over it (to keep it from oxidizing more and for flavor), and put a little salt and pepper over it. I also used halves of Arnold Sandwich Thins to spread farmer’s cheese over it, then the avocado on top of that, and then added some organic pomegranate kernels that I found in the freezer aisle (I couldn’t find fresh pomegranate in the store, so ended up buying it frozen). It was such a good, healthy meal.

The other half of my meal was just two eggs I cooked with some of my favorite ingredients: thyme, chopped onions, jalapeños, sun dried tomato, and cilantro. What have you been making for breakfast lately? Share, and maybe I’ll try it next week 🙂

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