New product alert: 3 ways to use Madison Reed Root Touch Up

If you’ve been following my Insta, you probably saw a new product I’ve been trying out: Madison Reed Root Touch Up. It’s a brand new compact you can find in the checkout aisles at Sephora, so I already know if it’s in the cult store it has merit to it but I had to see myself.

Madison Reed Root Touch Up
Madison Reed Root Touch Up

They asked me to try it out and see what I thought. Besides the gorgeous eggplant compact it comes in, the first stand out to me was it’s thick brush. I’ve tried other root-touch ups but this brush is so much easier to use and dense enough to pack a lot of product to use. I figured a few ways you can use it depending on your needs:

1) Go longer between coloring your hair
. As a classic root touch up, if you’re used to touching up grays at your roots, you can go even longer by using this. The wide brush as I mentioned makes it easy to go in quickly and cover up grays, but for me I found an even better use for it personally and that’s…

2) Covering up a bad dye job (temporarily)
. A couple months ago, I had a bad experience getting my hair highlighted — some strands were way too blonde and left me with what essentially looked like bad tiger stripes. I used this to soften the color on the top layers of my hair so the blonde wasn’t so bright (it takes a little longer than just covering up the roots, but it did the job).

3) Fake thicker hair
. One time I interviewed celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin (you might know her best as the Kardashian’s mane girl), and she said she loves to use a dark shadow or a cover up like this to fill in sparse areas in the hairline to make your hair actually look thicker. It’s a easy trick of the trade and since this is long-lasting, you’ll be set for the night.

I’m going to write another post tomorrow of my test drive with it at the gym — since I’m usually drenched with sweat, I though the true test of its resilience will be using it while I work out. Stay tuned!

Madison Reed Root Touch Up is available now on their website, Sephora stores and for $36 (and it’ll last you a while).

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