Benefits of Zico Coconut Water + new flavors


I’m sure you recognize Zico coconut water from your grocery store, but I was able to get a closer look at InStyle + Single Edition Media’s #SummerSocial event a couple weeks ago. I think I may have even found my favorite flavor there: pineapple which tastes close to a fancy pina colada. It’s hard to believe how many health benefits each serving has.

And they're always spinning the best tunes
And they’re always spinning the best tunes

Zico's new coconut water flavors
Zico’s new coconut water flavors

Besides having zero fat and cholesterol, it’s gluten-free and contains a chock full of electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus so I’ve been trying to take more before and after my workouts.

The coconut water is sourced from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, where suppliers source coconuts of local farms and work directly with coconut plantations. Many of them have kept it in families for generations.

Their new flavors include chocolate, pineapple (which I mentioned above), and watermelon raspberry. The fruit ones particularly taste great on their own, but I’ve been even inspired to use them in fruit smoothies with bananas and blueberries. So easy to try different concoctions at home, and guilt-free when you know all the nutritional value each glass has.

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