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I’m getting more in tune with what works with my skin and what doesn’t, adopting a very Glossier “Skin First, Makeup Second” attitude as I get older. So I was naturally intrigued by NŪR Skincare‘s philosophy, a very holistic approach which combines the latest technology and natural methods to increase cellular turnover. Translation: they developed a system so your skin gets better and better and STAYS that way.

In the treatment room [@nurskincare]
In the treatment room [@nurskincare]

I came in for their 12-Step Hi-Tech facial with founder Anisa Noor (who greeted me sans makeup and gorgeous skin herself). The minute you step into the clinic, you enter a beautiful oasis designed with elements of Sufi art and calming floral and wood accents (a design dreamed up by her talented architect husband, Suhail). I learned that this is their second location. The first place they set up shop was LA, where regular clients of her’s include Michelle Phan.

Entrance to the skin clinic
Entrance to the skin clinic

The first step was filling out a questionnaire, and then removing any makeup for the Visia Skin Analysis, which is normally a $150 service but is added free to any skincare package they do. It essentially helps you determine the state of your skin on the surface and beyond in terms hyperpigmentation, inflammation, wrinkles, etc., and ends with giving you your  real “skin age.”


The good news: it analyzed my skin to be a skin age that was a good 5 years younger than I actually was. But for those of you who think my skin is perfect, thank you, but not the case (unfortunately!). Here are my results (not my cutest moment):

What does it mean? This shows my skin condition in comparison to others in a similar age bracket. So for example, 82% “wrinkles” mean only 18% of others in a similar age bracket are doing better than me in that category (so that’s not a bad number!), but my spots, pores, and UV damage situation was no bueno. This helped Anisa determine what my problem areas were and over time, we can see if my skin condition improves.

Doors leading to the treatment room
Doors leading to the treatment room

The actual facial was customized to these results, which included a light exfoliating peel, extractions (my least favorite part always, enzymatic infusion, serum infusion, a vitamin infusion, oxygen treatment, and ended with LED light therapy which I may or may not have fell asleep during. My skin was positively glowing after, and I was given aftercare instructions which included avoiding makeup for the next couple of days (and a week if I could swing it).

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My skin didn’t start peeling until day 2 after the facial. It was light peeling that made my skin look dry but nothing crazy noticeable to others. It progressed into day 3 and 4. I managed not to wear even a lick of makeup for 3 days until I had a video shoot on day 4, which my skin was glowing for. It looked like I was wearing highlighter all over, and since the facial I stopped wearing makeup daily altogether, saving it for events.

The expertise and individual care at Nur Skincare was extraordinary. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone local looking for a good skin investment and professional advice. In fact, I loved it so much, I want one of you to experience yourself!


The good folks at Nur Skincare partnered up with me to give away the same 12-Step Hi-Tech Facial (valued at $225) for one of my followers! This contest will run on Instagram, and all you have to do is be following me (@beautyndfeast) and @nurskincare and comment on my latest post tagging a friend.

This is for both LA AND Chicago locations, so please comment if you or someone you want to experience this live in either of these areas. Contest runs for a week until January 6th, and I’ll announce the winner on the 7th :). Good luck!



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