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How often do you dye your hair?

June 23, 2009

I may be forever traumatized from dyeing my hair. Let’s just say ‘lights’ in highlights were taken too far. Let’s also say my hair turned to straw. *Shudder*.

Anyway. I do look on in awe when I see a dye job done right with hair still looking healthy and shiny. How do you guys do that? I think it’s fun to experiment with different hair colors, and this ‘fun’ I speak of does include living vicariously through people. It counts OK?

What about you?


PS. I’ll let you know the dream product that did end up saving my hair after my dye-job-gone-bad. Stay tunedddd.

7 thoughts on “How often do you dye your hair?

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  2. Yasmin

    I’ve never dyed my hair for specifically the reason you mentioned – I’m afraid it’s going to turn my already sensitive strands into brittle bits. If I trusted someone enough who knew what they were doing though, I might reconsider.

  3. sidrah

    i dyed my hair a few times..but now i think virgin hair is the hottest. yet another regret.

  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    To be honest, I have never dyed my hair or even put highlights in it, because I’m afraid of the potential damaging effects. I am blessed that Alhumdullilah I have black, naturally straight hair that is thick and strong but not unruly. My mom said that she used to have hair just like mine, and it started to deteriorate because in her early 20s she started dying it and then there was no turning back…her hair just wasn’t the same again. So I guess I don’t have plans to ever dye it either! :-/

  5. priya

    my hair is pretty resilient, thank God, so i’ve abused it and gotten away with it. but when i got highlights for the first time and felt my hair turn to straw like quality i panicked. the second time around, i took better care of it. simply using pantene products for color treated hair has been great for me thus far. regardless, i’ve decided no more hair color/highlights. it’s just not worth all the hassle.

  6. shyema Post author

    Priya, you’re one of the lucky ones!!!!! My hair can’t take any of that…and yeah i’m way too lazy to upkeep, so maybe that’s another reason i don’t dye my hair.

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