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Japonois in NYC = amazing.

October 27, 2009


I haven’t been to many Japanese restaurants, but one that I am already craving to go back to is Japonais. I went for the first time recently, and the food is seriously mouth-watering good.


I’m surprised I’ve never came across it before though, considering it’s a hard-to-miss 10,000 sq ft space designed by Jeffrey Beers International. Dimly lit with adorning tree sculptures throughout, its modern decor is sleek and cozy at the same time.

And figures why I must love it so much though — Japonais is a Chicago transplant in NYC (just like me!). Using French techniques with Japanese flavors, the food ends up being a tasty marriage of both.

I went with my friend Summar who went straight for the sushi, though I probably did an odd thing: I ordered a burger. Even stranger, it was the best burger I’ve had since the one I had at More in Dubai.

Japonais burger with sweet potato fries, $14

Japonais burger with sweet potato fries, $14




A togarashi spiced burger with truffle mayo and blue cheese, it was seasoned so well and just really tasty. Never thought my favorite burger would end up being at a Japanese restaurant. I wished I ordered a lighter side, since the sweet potato fries were heavy — but still delicious with its sweet mayo dipping sauce.

 Japanese Wild Yellowtail Sushi

Japanese Wild Yellowtail Sushi

Summar said her Japanese Wild Yellowtail Sushi ($4 at lunch time!) was fresh and well-prepared. She was already talking about coming back herself!

Love. Going back for sure.

Appetizers are about $4-$24, and entrees will run you about $19- $35. Check out their website for lunch specials and pre-fixe dinners!

Restaurant Info:

111 E 18th St
New York, NY 10003


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Love: Guerlain’s Engravable Lipstick

Guerlain's Engravable Lipstick

Guerlain's Engravable Lipstick

Beauty junkies and girlfriends alike will probably come to a consensus on how awesome this gift is: An engraved lipstick case from Guerlain. More specifically, their Le Rouge G Engraving Event.

The sleek case comes with a mirror, and option to customize the outside with a name. You can also pick among 27 different shades. It will cost you a pretty penny though — $45 includes the engraving. Considering no one else in the world will probably have your exact lipstick, it could be worth the indulgence.

Le Rouge G Engraving Event is available at


BATF Giveaways - Beauty - "The Lovely" - Fragrance (perfume/cologne)

This week’s giveaway winners are…


Congrats Shaifa and Chris A.! You’ll be getting dibs on Bare Skin samples from Leslie Blodgett‘s new perfume line, Perfume Diaries. Email to follow :)

Looking forward to more giveaways for you all — hopefully with the new BATF site launch!



Vote for Sabeen!

October 26, 2009

So, you know our resident nail polish artiste, Sabeen? Ok you don’t know her. But you know her nails at least. Well, she actually does more than nail polish :) — she also writes and directs short films!

She and friend Melissa Choi entered a contest to make a short costume video for one of her favorite directors, Wes Anderson, and they were picked as finalists!

Here’s their film:

And now they need your votes, so pleaseee vote for them here:

Just click the five stars — thanks, you guys are the best :)


Beauty - "The Lovely" - Nails

Hot pink may not be a fall color…

But I can’t help smiling every time I wear Pink Lust by Color Club.

My fellow nail polish aficionado, Sabeen, took me to Harmon, a local beauty supplier. She actually insisted we go after her initial shock from learning I had no idea what Harmon was (hey, it’s not my fault we don’t have them in Chi-town!). But it’s where I came across a whole batch of fun neon colors by Color Club, so I have to thank her :) .


The Color Club polishes are only $2 and the quality is amazing. This shade of shocking hot pink just makes me happy since I’m usually wearing darker clothes. I’ll be donning it for the rest of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Pink Lust by Color Club, $2

Pink Lust by Color Club, $2

Which nail polish color makes YOU happy?


Beauty - "The Lovely" - Body - Face - Hair

They don’t call it Uni.K.Wax for nothin’

I loathe going to get waxed (yeah, really, who doesn’t?). Even if it feels great afterwards, it’s just the whole process, the time, and you know…the pain. Though this salon may have just made me change my thoughts on all of the above.

I was invited to try out Uni.K.Wax in Murray Hill where I met with Tabitha. She led me back to one of the rooms (there are ten). She started explaining how unique the wax really was.

Special green wax at Uni.K.Wax

Special green wax at Uni.K.Wax

The first thing that struck me: No strips. The green wax is a special mixture of tree sap and beeswax that they make fresh at the salon itself. She starts applying it on me, and it feels warm and soft — not sticky and hot like other honey wax.

Making fresh wax at the salon

Making fresh wax at the salon

It dries after a few seconds, and Tabby removes the dried wax itself. HUGE difference than strip wax, a LOT less pain involved.

Also, another thing I noticed after, usually at other places, there are so many sticky spots that are left behind on the treated areas — but I did not deal with that at all this time. It’s just a very clean finish.

Second thing: this place is super clean. I mean, they even change wax trays between treatment areas, and you don’t find that at every waxing place.

And best part are the prices — they begin at $8 but the most expensive it gets for women is $43 (for men, it’s $53) and they also have some great packages that start at $31.

The company, which opened its first location in Miami, has locations all over in Florida and California as well.

I don’t know what else to say except that you must go.

Salon Info:

553 Third Ave.
at 37th St.
New York, NY 10016
Murray Hill