Beautifully Delicious Links, 6/25/10

June 25, 2010

What’s beautiful and delicious lately:

  • Beyonc√©’s beauty secrets for staying fierce – Elle
  • Lindsay Lohan’s family abuse their Carvel card – Serious Eats
  • 5 unusual ways to make your hair grow faster – Bellasugar
  • The hottest wives/girlfriends of World Cup players – MSN
  • Hummus catches on in America– The New York Times
  • “8 Pizzas that haunt my dreams” – Slice
  • When tanning becomes addictive – The New York Times
  • Are you wearing too much makeup? – Allure
  • Hairstyles that show off your best features – Cosmopolitan
  • RECIPE: Broiled Neapolitan-style pizza – Serious Eats

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