How to get the perfect eyebrow shape with LaVaque Tweezers

We dealt with another type of hair concern at‘s latest Hair-To Tuesday: Eyebrows. (I feel like I need to make a special shout-out to my sister, Jumana, because she has this uncanny obsession with eyebrows. Hi Jumana). Anyway, we were in good company that evening: celebrity makeup artist and brow-grooming expert, Elke Von Freudenberg of The Model Brow was there to guide us on how to get our brows perfect using LaVaque tweezers.

Elke Von Freudenberg of The Model Brow
LaVaque tweezers

[*Interesting fact: Elke’s very first male client was James Franco — “He’s the sweetest!”]. She relayed some valuable brow-grooming tips while she performed a demo on one of the attendees. We literally saw her brows transform right before our eyes with just the most subtle changes.

Elke's brow demo
Brow demo

Here are some of Elke’s tips:

*The best time to tweeze your brows are right out of the shower, when skin is the softest.

*When tweezing, keep the tweezer on the skin the whole time as you pull, to avoid the ‘ouch’ factor. It’s the skin lifting that hurts, not the hair coming out.

*When filling in eyebrows, don’t forget to fill in the brow along the top of the brow as well to make the brows appear thicker. Always go 1/2 shades lighter than your brow/hair color. When you apply a color (brow makeup) into a color (brow hairs) it always appears darker than it really is. Keep it lighter and it will blend in for a much more natural look.

*Use brow gel for thinner hairs, and brow pomade or wax for thicker hairs. Just like the hair on your head, you need the right brow ‘styling’ product for your type of brow ‘hair.

Elke helping everyone shape their brows

Afterwards, Elke came around and gave us tips on how to clean up our own brows. We also had the chance to test the LaVaque tweezers out for ourselves firsthand. I’ve always been a Tweezerman girl, but comparatively, LaVaque’s are much more lightweight. They easily grab onto even the finest hairs. The only thing Elke warns us is to try not to drop them on the floor — she noticed that they’ll loose some of their ‘springy-ness’ if you do.

LaVaque tweezers
Testing, testing

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Hair-To event without the generous gift bags:

Gifts to take home 🙂

Click here to purchase LaVaque Tweezers ($19 for their classic slanted tip, or $29.95 if you want one with your birthstone!).

Thank you, Elke, and LaVaque! Hair-To Tuesdays takes place every month. The classes are FREE and open to everyone, but space is limited! To reserve your spot, email FYI, the next class will be especially for all you curly-heads :).

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  1. Barbara wrote:

    What is your opinion on permanent eye make-up?

    Posted 4.22.11
  2. shyema wrote:

    Barbara, I can’t say I’ve researched it thoroughly, but my personal opinion is to steer away from it. The eye are is so delicate and with the risk of something going wrong (or infections), I think you’re better off using pencils. That’s my own opinion though.

    Posted 4.22.11
  3. -M wrote:

    How cool!!! I actually was so bummed because I finally made it on the list to go to one of these things..of course when I am not in NYC anymore 🙁 Are you going to the one tomorrow? I have ridiculously curly hair and would love some tips so I can actually start leaving it curly more often!!! Miss ya!

    Posted 5.2.11
  4. anastasia X wrote:

    great photos !
    I don’t know why but it reminds me Piano Briefs 😀 lol

    Posted 7.8.11