Summer Love: Fibi & Clo sandals

(Is there any non-awkward way to photograph your feet? I think not.)

Nail polish: Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic. I did it myself, natch

I have been eagerly waiting to bust out these sandals from Fibi & Clo (named after the designer’s cats!). Full disclosure, I’m friends with the co-founder Michael Leen, whose wife, AnaLiza, designs all the shoes. He sent me a pair of their ‘smoke cascade’ design to check out for myself a few months back and I am spellbound.

And it’s not just me. I’ve had a woman come up to me while I was waiting for my train and just point at my sandals for a full 10 seconds before asking me where I got them from. I even had a dude walk past me and say, ‘pretty sandals.’ A big, wrestler-looking dude. And of course, friends have been wanting to try them on themselves.

Smoke Cascade

I can’t blame them. Not only are they gorgeous, they are comfortable as heyck. Very important being in New York and walking as much as I do — I’ve all but practically given up on heels, so having flats as pretty as these have helped the transition. I’ve worn these to wedding parties, out to the park, to work…it’s proved to be pretty versatile. Plus I love the hidden thong detail — it looks like the jewels are just floating on my feet.

As you can probably see in pic, there are a zillion little crystals on the sandal, and since I’ve been wearing them to death only a couple have fallen off. I’ve pretty much worn them through rain and shine so I may just be a negligent owner. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure no one notices except for myself…you probably can’t even see it in the first pic because it’s only a couple of the itty bitty stones. [Update: They have a stone replacement service where they send replacement stones if some fall off. Shoe insurance!] I’ve also noticed some of my favorite bloggers, like Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook, rocking them. “Jewelry for the feet” she calls them. Foreshadowing on the next big thing?

Sandals retail for $45. Check out their website for more info:


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  1. what cool sandals! they are so pretty and sparkly

    Posted 6.1.12
  2. jess b. wrote:

    OMGG!!! I saw a lady wearing these sandals at the doctors office and i couldnt stop staring at her feet, i think she noticed too but I couldnt work up the nerve to ask her or tell her how much i loved them. SO CRAZY you posted this. another reason why your blog rocks!

    Posted 6.2.12
  3. jess b. wrote:

    oh and dont worry you have pretty feet 😉

    Posted 6.2.12
  4. J Mir wrote:

    You have to get a free shipping code and discount for your Beauty and the Feast readers!

    Posted 6.4.12
  5. Maryam wrote:

    I saw these on pinterest a few weeks ago and have been slightly obsessed with them since. But I seriously thought they’d be waaaay out of my league not under $50. It is CRAZY that you posted this! Now, I just hope they’re as comfy as you say ‘cuz my feet are weird … even flip flops cut them.

    Posted 6.11.12
  6. shyema wrote:

    They really are comfy! And I walk A LOT in the city!

    Posted 6.12.12
  7. Nancy wrote:

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    Posted 6.17.12