Bringing the spa at home: Warming face masks

As you may have read before here or here, I’m all sorts of obsessed with face masks. It’s the way I spoil myself at home with my own spa day. I can’t help it, there’s very little that makes me feel like I’m re-charged and ready to go than beginning my routine with a face masks. And so, it was only a matter of time before I came across some warming face masks that I’m loving right now (and my roomies are joining me in this love):


Somme Institute Boost Mask

Somme maybe better known for their 5-step skin-clearing regimen. The price tag for the whole treatment (about $298) may not be in everyone’s budget. But this Boost mask can be used on it’s own and feels amazing. It contains zeolite a natural mineral that warms the skin and opens the pores. Kaolin, a natural clay, then absorbs oil and impurities. Plus it contains a chock full of vitamins (E, B) to nourish, and pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate. It’s gentle enough for all skin types and even most conditions (sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acen, rosacea) to improve skin tone and clarity.¬†All while feeling you’re being swept away at a spa. [Read on]


Boots No7 Purifying Sauna Mask

If $40 is too steep a price tag, let me introduce you to a less expensive and similar alternative from Boots No7. Their hypo-allergenic warming mask has me smitten. It also contains zeolite and heats on contact with water and detoxes pores to do away with oils. Leaves skin soft and noticeably brighter while it’s kaolin clay draws out oil. Plus it contains grape seed oil — one of my very favorite antioxidants for anti-aging and evening out skintone.

Trust me, with warming masks, you’ll feel like you’re getting the spa treatment right at home. Have you ever used a warming mask? Anyone have favorites?


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