LES tapas at Macondo

Inside Macondo

OK I know..I need to get myself out of the Lower East Side. But to my defense, this was the same night I had that delectable hot chocolate, only earlier…so yeah leavemealone.

Caraminola, $8

A La Lolita, $7

My friend Zeshan and I just stumbled into Macondo, this tapas restaurant on Houston for a quick bite before a show. I’m not sure how much of a tapas person I am actually. I don’t mind sharing big portions, but the little bites always leave me a little confused about what I just ate — did I have enough?? Do I want more?? What did I eat again??

At Macondo, I did like the ambiance. Very relaxing with dim lighting. I didn’t realize how small the portions would be, so we just shared a few dishes. I had two different Croquetas (croquettes): the Caraminola, with tetilla and manchego cheese atop of black bean sauce, $8 and the A La Lolita, with mushroom, figs, almonds, truffle trumpet allioli which is a garlic/olive sauce, $7. I liked the Lolita one a little more since the flavors were more exciting, though I thought for only three items per dish, seemed like a little much for $15.

Buenos Aires, $15
Buenos Aires, $15

Zeshan had the Buenos Aires Cocas (flatbread), $15, which had skirt steak, arugula, jalapenos, onions, and cheese. Looks appetizing in the pic, but I dont know if you can tell that the red pieces on top is actually meat! Yeah…I’m just the type of person that needs my meat normally well done or even slightly burnt, I can’t take the red! I let him handle that plate, though I tried it without the meat, and it was still pretty good. Again, think it’s a little much for to shell out $15.

Do you like tapas? Have any you have any favorite tapas spots?

Restaurant Info:

157 E Houston St.
(Btwn Allen & Eldridge St)
New York, NY 10002



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