Talk about getting your beauty sleep!

Besides eating and doing makeup, I’m actually really awesome at sleeping. Lately, I haven’t been getting as much from the work-school-writing trinity, but that’s another story.

I do value a good night’s sleep though like most people, so I thought it was pretty cool to find out about The Pillow Bar, a Houston,TX-based company that, with consultations from a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor, customizes your pillows to your sleeping preference — so depending on if you’re a stomach, side, or back sleeper, they have a range of double-stitched, 300-thread count, white Hungarian goose down-filled pillow for you. Sounds dreamy.

Good sleep don’t come cheap though — each pillow starts at $72 for the travel size and jumps to $195+. What is your beauty sleep worth? Would you invest in something like this?

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  1. thesleepingpolicemen wrote:

    Nice one! I might have to invest in one of those pillows. Sleep is fast becoming a high commodity, especially if you live in the Big Apple!

    Posted 4.7.09
  2. Naeem Mahmood wrote:

    I am interested in buying one of those pillows. How do I know which one to get though cause I sleep in all different positions depending on what stage of sleep I am in? Can you please find out and let me know?

    Posted 4.7.09
  3. shyema wrote:

    Is there a position you mostly sleep in when you first go to bed? I think the idea is helping you fall asleep faster..But I’m asking the owner to see what her take is!

    Posted 4.7.09
  4. Jess B. wrote:

    I would definitely invest in this. My sleep is very important to me!

    Posted 4.8.09
  5. shyema wrote:

    Re, Naeem: Not sure if this answer’s your question, but from the owner, Merrimac Dillon:

    “Eighty percent of adults sleep on their side, which in fact, the healthiest way to sleep according to The Pillow Bar’s neurosurgeon and chiropractor. With the proper pillow your head and neck will be adequately supported and you will find that you do not toss and turn as much during the night.”

    Posted 4.8.09
  6. celia b wrote:

    I actually have one of these The Pillow Bar pillows (it was a gift) and I now am giving them to my family as gifts. I fall asleep faster, I love the sachet and I seem to fall asleep faster and not snore as much. All in all, a great sleep aid and comforting pillow –I love it and would recommend it to others! After all, it is an investment in my mental and physical health!

    Posted 4.8.09
  7. shyema wrote:

    wow, so cool to get insight by someone who has the pillow! Thanks for sharing, Celia..I’m so sleep deprived today I might make an impulse buy as we speak…

    Posted 4.8.09
  8. Martha J wrote:

    I am a side sleeper and ordered one of the Pillow Bar side sleeper pillows with the lavender sachet. I now sleep like a baby! I climb in bed and cuddle up to my side sleeper pillow and fall fast asleep and sleep oh soo soundly. I am loving it!!!

    Posted 4.8.09

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