Mud Truck Coffee

Here’s some awesomely free advice: If you ever see a Mud coffee truck, chase it.

I went to Mud cafe last summer in the East Village, so when I saw the actual Mud truck near the Astor Place subway stop last weekend, I had to try. We ordered two chai lattes and vanilla latte after brunch, and it was SO GOOD.

Definitely worth the stop if you ever see that lil’ orange truck o’ happiness.



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  1. Hajera Azam wrote:

    ive seen this before. but was a little skeptical. ill make sure to try it next time! =)

    Posted 3.1.10
  2. tariq hasan wrote:

    why doesn’t chicago have a cool caffeine mobile like this

    Posted 3.1.10
  3. Benazir wrote:

    Mud coffee is so strong and good! They had this outside Sum’s apt and I got coffee while I was there and definitely some amazing stuff. Love your blog Shy! I vicariously live my NYC life through it.

    Posted 3.2.10
  4. Erica Sung wrote:

    i alwasy see this truck there! and same, i was skeptical too but now that ive heard good things im def gona try it out!

    Posted 3.2.10
  5. shyema wrote:

    Tariq, I’m not sure..Chi town needs to get on this truck b’ness. Bunny, please come to NYC again 🙂 Erica, Astor place is yours and Haji’s spot isn’t it? Everytime she’s in town she asks me for (a) where to find Zara, and (b) how to get to st. mark’s.

    Posted 3.2.10
  6. Erica Sung wrote:

    hahahah so true!! =p

    Posted 3.2.10
  7. shaifa wrote:

    i thought they only served coffee here?! good to know they have lattes too…now i’ll definitely have to try it out!

    Posted 3.3.10
  8. tina Chaudhary wrote:

    My friend worked on this Mud Truck for years!!! Great coffee.

    Posted 3.3.10
  9. Nabila wrote:

    The MUD truck on Astor helped in my discovery of caffeine during college. I never turned back. That and Saints Alp bubble teahouse a few steps away enabled my now permanent addiction.

    Posted 3.22.10

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