Brunch at Cafe Orlin

Poached eggs over a potato pancake

Still can’t get over the delicious brunch I had at Cafe Orlin in the East Village last weekend. I’ve been to Orlin for some yummy dinner but this was my first day time meal there. We had a mix of savory and sweet, starting with this Middle Eastern inspired dish below:

Malawach, $8

It’s called the Malawach, and they normally serve it sunny side up but Shahla had them serve it as an omelette stuffed with goat cheese and placed over a soft, doughey pita.

Poached eggs over a potato pancake, $10

So we also kinda ordered salmon and eggs without the salmon — we got poached eggs instead over a potato pancake, and a side of deliciously rosemary-seasoned home fries.

side of home fries

For our sweet tooth, we went for the brioche french toast. It completed a fantastic meal.

Brioche french toast with maple syrup, $12

I also loved the spacious, chatty atmosphere of the place…the way brunch should be! Props to Shahla for great pick :).

Restaurant Info:
Cafe Orlin

41 St Marks Pl
nr 1st Ave.
New York, NY 10003
East Village



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  1. shahla wrote:

    okay im craving some french toast now! must go again..but next place Five points 😉

    Posted 3.2.10
  2. shyema wrote:

    I swear I craved this the rest of the weekend.

    Posted 3.2.10
  3. miral wrote:

    Itzocan Bistro on 101 and lexington. To DIE FOR

    Posted 3.2.10
  4. shazia wrote:

    home fries were my favorite. shahla should be the Dear Annie of BATF…”Dear Shahla, we’re going to so and so place that BATF hasn’t been…what should we order??”

    Posted 3.2.10
  5. jumana Azam wrote:

    freakin drooling. i love brunch food. i love all food. but i really love brunch food. which is kind of like breakfast food. and i LOVEE breakfast food. hi.

    Posted 3.3.10
  6. shazia wrote:

    my thoughts exactly.

    Posted 3.4.10
  7. priya wrote:

    oh malawach…i want some right now! i think it’s possible for the most part to try this at home. the bread is very similar to the “malaysian paratha” available at indian grocery stores. it’s just that slightly sweet red sauce that i can’t figure out. it’s SO good and brings the whole dish together.

    Posted 3.4.10
  8. Nicole wrote:

    The poached eggs over a potato pancake look delish!

    Posted 4.11.10

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