Honey Cakes at Bee Desserts

I’ve been forever looking for a cafe in the city that captures that cozy, low-key atmosphere that I sort of miss from my U of I college days. I think I can safely say I was finally introduced to something that fits the mood: Bee Desserts in the West Village.

They are known for their all-natural honey cakes — a sugar and preservative-free chocolate covered cake that comes wrapped neatly in its signature gold tin foil.

Bee Dessert's Honey Cake

Even better with tea. Stop by here if you need a break from the hussle bussle of city life — or as it proved for us, a good excuse to catch up with your girls.

Restaurant Info:
Bee Desserts

94 Greenwich Ave.
btw w. 12th and 13th St.
New York, NY
West Village



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  1. Summar wrote:

    yummy. love.

    Posted 3.4.10

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