Beauty on the Streets: Lauren S.

Lauren S.

Name: Lauren S.

Occupation: Masters student

Location: Chicago, IL

“I recently moved back home to Chicago after spending almost 3 years teaching English in Japan. My life has changed course from where I thought I would be — I couldn’t be happier!”

My style is: comfortable + eclectic.

My favorite designer right now is: I love Christian Siriano + Zac Posen… (if only I could afford it!)

People usually compliment my: kindness.

My favorite makeup tip: less is more.

Current beauty product obsession: Seaweed masks I bought in Korea. They look frightening (picture a felt sheet with eye and mouth holes), but they are so refreshing and really “wake up” my face (especially when you pop them in the freezer first).

But I also can’t live without: Tea tree oil. It gets rid of blemishes, clean cuts, and isn’t too harsh. And it’s natural.

My favorite scent right now is: My long-ime standard, Escada Magnetism. Mmmmmm…

I love wearing my hair: My hair is pretty short and choppy, so it doesn’t do much…but I love when it’s a little messy but still has volume. Hair needs to be touchable…especially in the “windy city”, when you’re always pushing it out of your eyes!

My favorite hair product for my is: Charles Worthington shine salt spray volumizer. My hair would be flat against my head if not for this stuff.

I don’t understand people who don’t like: fresh figs.

The restaurant I can never get tired of is: iCream, a fresh, made-in-front-of-you ice cream place in Wicker Park…making your own flavor is like a little science experiment (complete with dry ice!)…Cream Soda + Burnt Sugar Swirl? Yes, please!

Though I can make a mean: Vegan chocolate peanut-butter cake.

Who inspire me: My amazing friends + family, who constantly remind me how truly good people can be.


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