If I could bathe in La Mer, I would

By Tina Chaudhary

Crème de La Mer

A few years back, a friend recommended I try Crème De La Mer as my daily moisturizer. I began using it and saw immediate results after using it for a few weeks. My skin instantly felt smoother and less dry. I received a lot of comments on the glow of my skin. A natural glow? Not quite. The glow costs a whopping $130 for a 1 oz. a jar (and it’s not a big jar!), but it’s worth it if you’re preparing your skin for a big event, like a wedding for example.

Oh, and just a tip: Don’t even try to get samples. The salespeople guard those things with their lives. If you’re lucky, they’ll give you a tiny drop of the crème and send you away, starving for more. There’s no sense in starving yourself though, especially if you appreciate an occasional splurge. Try it yourself, and I’m sure you’ll thank me later — maybe even with a bathtub full of it.

Would you spend $130 on a moisturizer?


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  1. B.J. wrote:

    Thanks! this is really a great piece of information about something which you already had experienced. I like the tip about samples, it is very true that you starve! for sure I am not going to do that. thanks again.

    Posted 3.16.10
  2. Nabila wrote:

    True about the samples in the store. You can however get a pretty decent sized sample online for $20. I know, I know.. it’s supposed to be free because it’s a sample but size of the sample will actually do you good for at least 6-7 uses depending on how much you use. So, it’s perfect for a special occasion!

    Posted 3.22.10
  3. Nabila wrote:

    Oh and one more thing… I love La Mer and would also bathe in it if I could BUT…

    Is it just me or does it not smell like good ole Nivea cream???? You know, the kind they sell in desi stores in the navy blue tub. I’m jus sayin’. Everytime I use it it reminds me of my nani who uses Nivea cream religiously for well, everything.

    Smelling like Nivea does not help to heal the $130 wound that La Mer leaves.

    Posted 3.22.10
  4. tina Chaudhary wrote:

    hahah!!! Nani Nivea!! I love it.

    NABILZ! Thanks for the tip about the $20 sample, I had no idea! I somehow managed to get a nice sized free sample of the eye cream the other day (probably depends on the salesperson!)

    AND you’re right. It does smell like Nivea!! I never noticed that but now I see…or smell!

    La Mer leaves a wound but… doesn’t it make you glow soooo much more than nivea??

    Posted 3.24.10
  5. shyema wrote:

    I just realized the Dr. Brandt R3P cream I got from a beauty sale costs almost as much as La Mer (it’s $125). Will let you guys know if it works.

    Posted 3.29.10
  6. tina wrote:

    Shy, what did you think of the Dr. Brandt R3P cream? 🙂

    Posted 9.26.11

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