Ninja in Tribeca

So I definitely watched this whole video and was dyinggg to go to Ninja New York ever since:

Ok yeah so the video is a little dramatic, but dinner at Ninja is definitely an experience. I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but let’s just say you can have your meal in a private booth while the waiters keep you on your toes. One tried to kill me with a sword right after dinner (don’t worry, it was plastic). And it’s kind of funny because you’ll just hear people screaming randomly after being caught off guard by one “ninja” waiter or another.

When you first walk in, you are whisked away in an elevator a floor down and asked if you want to go straight through the doors to the main floor or through some dangerous, dark path to the village. Just a note, the dangerous way is not really dangerous (I’m just letting you know, I had high expectations, like ninjas flying everywhere and there’s nothing like that). Another really fun part about dinner is that it ends with a little magic show. A magician came right up to our table and did a couple tricks before disappearing into the darkness (ok fine, it wasn’t that theatrical but it was still entertaining).

I went with a friend and started off with this great mocktail: The Sha.

Sha - Muddled fresh strawberries, mango, lime and spearmint, $10

A lot of dishes come with some sort of presentations, and often that includes fire and sparks, like this smoked salmon and cheese appetizer:

Smoked salmon and cheese

My favoriteeee appetizer was this creamy and crispy shrimp plate!

Creamy Shrimp - fried shrimp mixed with creamy mayo sauce; topped with cashew nuts and coriander leaves, $16
Red Pond II, Oven roasted black cod in a chili tomato sauce, $38

I ordered this steak in the box which was an interesting mix of Thai style steak with egg and dressing on the side that you mix together and pour over your salad and entree:

Steak-in-the-box, Thai style angus skirt steak with a soft boiled egg and mixed salad with crispy shredded potato, $19

Our dessert was pretty cool — came out in a dish that they put on fire, cover then spin and turn over and lift to cover to have this chocolate mousse cake appear.

Ninja Star – soft chocolate mousse cake, $10

Random tidbit #1: While other waiters were busy jumping out from behind patrons and scaring the crap out of them, ours was so over it. He brought out my plate and said “Here’s your steak-in-the-box…it’s really steak…in a box” and did some weird magic hand gesture. It was more comical than I can explain. We did get some cool Ninja stickers that I’m pretty sure no one else got. Ok, maybe they did.

Random tidbit #2: Try not to laugh when they ask you if you want a soft drink or some “Ninja tap water.”

Restaurant info:
Ninja New York

25 Hudson Street
near Reade St.
New York, NY 10013



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  1. Sam wrote:

    This looks sooooo friggin awesome!
    Most def on my “must do in NYC” list!

    Posted 5.17.10
  2. AB wrote:

    Ok I have yet to do a culinary tour of NYC but this is SERIOUSLY on my list?!! This sounds like your own personal “being in a movie experience.” The drink and the mousse sold me. I love mousse. Yum.

    Posted 5.18.10
  3. Fatima M wrote:

    We took Nyla here one year for her birthday and it was SO much fun!! We loved the decor, “entertainment”, and food.. and we left with foam ninja stars.. lol!

    Posted 6.8.10

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