Halal cosmetics? UK Muslim woman launches Samina Pure Makeup

Samina makeup line

I thought this was pretty interesting — Samina Akhtar, a Muslim woman from the UK, is launching what is being dubbed “halaal” makeup under her eponymous line “Samina” where all lipsticks and shadows are made in strict accordance to Islamic law, the Daily Mail reports.

What exactly does that mean? All makeup will be made free from alcohol, and substitutes animal by-products from plants and mineral-based ones. Akhtar told the paper that she created her line because she felt “uneasy praying while wearing non-halal makeup.”

“When I researched what was in make-up I found there was a lot of animal products included,” she said. “I was shocked to find that some products contained alcohol and even pig placenta.” Ewww, pig placenta?? She continues to say that she doesn’t mean to say that this is the only ‘permissible’ product according to Islamic law — but now at least she’s offering another option to women who worry about the same thing.

I think it’s clever marketing to a certain demographic — but really, is it any different than organic and other mineral-based makeup? What do you think?

Samina’s website: www.saminapuremakeup.co.uk



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  1. Mehwish wrote:

    wow, good to know. I never even considered that makeup could contain animal by-products. various religious groups, vegans and animal-lovers alike can benefit from a product line like this.

    Posted 8.4.10
  2. rehan wrote:

    take jane iredale for example. Though their product is organic some contains animal ingredients and alcohol. Customers are not familiar with names of ingredients and to know if it contains animal or alcohol. To check each one is not handy. Muslim women wear make up at home in front of their husbands but not for men outside.

    Posted 2.21.11
  3. shanila wrote:

    where i can get these products ??? em from Pakistan …. if u have any outlet in karachi please let me no .. thankz

    Posted 8.27.11
  4. shyema wrote:

    Shanila, I believe they’re only in the UK right now and you can order their cosmetics online here: http://www.saminapuremakeup.co.uk/

    Posted 8.27.11

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