Thierry Mugler’s revolutionary new caviar-infused Womanity perfume

Thierry Mugler, the designer who brought us fragrances with cult followings like Angel and Alien, is now taking on a whole new endeavor with his latest, Womanity which is available at Bloomgdale’s this month and Nordstrom starting in October. There are so many things that stand out about this new fragrance that is unlike many others. For starters, the fragrance uses odd ends in notes to create a wonderfully unique scent. We’re talking things like fig and caviar – yes, caviar.

Womanity launch event

At the launch event, they had us smell the notes of fig and caviar and I was really surprised how amazing they both smelled. I definitely wasn’t expecting something alluring from fish eggs, but it really was. Mugler wanted to balance sweet and savory, so he took three years to search and approve the mix. It lead to a very different and interesting perfume. It’s the first time the two extremes of sweet and savory are mixed in one bottle.

Secondly, to get the end result, Mugler used some innovative methods, including molecular distillation (a method which the company has patented). What this means is instead of using extraction of scents, this method actually is able to go straight to the source to actually liquify the gas and bottle the scents (meaning taking a sample from the fig and/or caviar and liquefying that aroma). So they’re able to reproduce smells down to the last molecule, which leads to a more pure and strong end result. It’s pretty advanced, and they’re the only company doing it.

Every part of the fragrance symbolizes something greater. For example, the chain that connected the bottle to the spray is supposed to symbolize unity. In an attempt to be more ecological, all the bottles are ecologically sourced and refillable.

And it’s not just a revolution in scent – it’s a whole movement. Prior to the release of the perfume, Mugler launched – a hybrid of photos, blog entries, and reflections in attempt to weave a fabric of women in one place – to share their different experiences that essentially connects us all. It’s a very impressive initiative to say the least.

I think all of Mugler’s fragrances always stand out with a very different smell. Angel for example, has a leathery and woody smell to me. This fragrances is also reminiscent of that woody backing staying true to tradition on one hand, but with very unique twist with the fig and caviar additions, staying true to Mugler’s quest no put something out until he feels it’s perfectly embodies his creativity and unique approach to fragrance.

What do you think? Are you intrigued enough to check it out? What do you find most interesting about the fragrance? Would you enter, let’s say, a giveaway of a bottle?? 🙂

The bottle retails for $78 for 1.7 oz and $98 for a 2.7 fl oz parfum spray ($58 to refill the 1.7 oz spray).



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  1. Sia wrote:

    I definetly would enter a giveaway!! I’ve missed out on most of them 🙁

    Posted 9.5.10
  2. Jessica wrote:

    I LOVE the bottle and the scent! And I think caviar is going mainstream? haha the skin line i just started ( Freya ) has salmon eggs in it? Maybe Freya and Thierry Mugler are onto something because i love both products!

    Posted 6.7.11

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