UK to open the first Halal-certified beauty boutique, Pure Halal Beauty

This JUST in: The UK’s very first “halal-certified” beauty boutique, Pure Halal Beauty, will be opening its doors on Saturday, December 11th, at The Pavilions Shopping Centre in Birmingham.

While looking for all-natural products that fit the store’s ethos, 20-year-old Rose Brown searched all over the world, including Malaysia, Holland and even the US for a range of products in cosmetics, skin and hair care. BATF was able to get an exclusive interview with the young UK-based entrepreneur via email, who says “I wanted to be able to use beauty products and cosmetics but was not prepared to compromise anymore by using products that I knew to be unethical. Halal certification ensures the ingredients used in the products are free from all animal ingredients and testing.”

Rose Brown is set to open her boutique this month

Are you Muslim? I’m wondering since you chose to have everything halal-certified.

Rose Brown: I’m not a Muslim, no, but I came across [halal-certification] whilst looking for cosmetics that didn’t contain animal by-products. In cosmetics, halal-certification isn’t just assuring to Muslims. For products to be ‘halal-certified’ they have to comply to strict guide lines that promote the use of more natural, ethically made ingredients. I think it’s a great alternative to the mainstream products as they are more natural and a lot better for you, and animals are not harmed in the making of them.

What made you want to start a company like Pure Halal Beauty?

RB: When I found out about Halal cosmetics, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t more demand for these products. I thought if people knew that they were available they would much rather use more natural, ethical beauty products. Originally, I was only going to sell the products online. However, I live in Birmingham – one of the most diverse cities in England – and I wanted to create a store where people could go and feel safe in the knowledge that all of the products there are ethical and don’t conflict with their beliefs, whether they be Muslim, vegan or simply feel uneasy about the ingredients used in traditional beauty products.

I noticed you’re quite a young (and ambitious!) entrepreneur — are you working on this project alone?

RB: I’m 20 so i guess I’m quite young, yes. I really have done all this pretty much on my own, but I’m really lucky to have great support from my partner who has backed me all the way and is continuing to assist me in running the business. I’ve had him programming the cash register this morning!

Are you still in school or working full time?

RB: I have been studying Media & Communication for the last two years at Birmingham City University which i have thoroughly enjoyed. However, as this business is a seven-days-a-week commitment, I will be devoting all of my time to the business from now on. I will be running the store myself and can’t wait!

The new boutique will be housing seven brands, including California-based One Pure, Samina Pure Mineral Makeup and Sahfee Halal Care. Along with being all-natural and animal by-product-free, the products available at the store also won’t contain alcohol, a skin irritant for people with eczema or other sensitive skin issues. While Pure Halal Beauty is based in the UK, they will be shipping worldwide through their website,

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