Backstage at Rebecca Minkoff with Stila Pro Artist Sarah Lucero

Sarah Lucero backstage at Rebecca Minkoff

The gorgeous Stila Pro Artist, Sarah Lucero, was on hand backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff show to talk about the “urban gypsy” look they were going for. Using the light Chinois and Espresso eye shadow, and a stay-put smudgestick waterproof eyeliner in black Stingray, she said they were going for a tight, clean eyes (not smoky and no cat eyes here!). She also applied Kajal eyeliner in a creamy taupe (Topaz)for the waterline.


With half the face done so you can compare

Finished makeup look

Here, Sarah Lucero tells us about how the size of the brush should depend on the size of your eye shape:

Sarah demonstrates Stila’s glossy (but waterproof) eyeliner here:

Notice she mentions that she does add a bit of eyeshadow on top to “lock” the color in. Everything else was kept dewy, with Convertible Color in Gerbera on the cheeks and a super reflective lip glaze in Apricot (one of Stila’s classics). What do you think about the look at Rebecca Minkoff? I feel like the hair (compliments of Ouidad) and makeup are both easily translatable from runway to real life. I’m a fan.



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