Brunch at Michael’s Genuine in Miami Beach

Michael's Genuine
New Yorkers can’t do without our Sunday brunch — so when you have seven of us in Miami, we’re going to do it right. We decided on having our meal in the lush outdoor space at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Design District. Their focus is on serving in-season and local ingredients as much as possible so the menu changes often. The best part about this place though is that they recommend and encourage sharing plates. Most dishes are small tapas style (our sole male did not seem to love that idea…hi Faraz!), but tapas can be deceivingly filling. The waiter was kind enough to guide us through all the plates and recommended that we order two to three a person…so this is kinda what we ended up with:
Thick cut potato chips with sour cream and onion dip

Homemade pop tarts

Homemade doughnuts

I loved the carmelized onions in the sour cream and onion dip that came with the thick cut potato chips. The warm homemade doughnuts were also another fave, while my friend Sarah was salivating over the pop tarts.


Fresh squeezed watermelon, grapefruit, orange, and pineapple juices

The juices were so fresh and delicious. Caffeine is a must in the morning, and as for the juice, pineapple really stood out to me in taste.
Spanish tortilla

Fried egg sandwich

Lamb and eggs

Breakfast pizza

Wood oven roasted double egg yolk

Wood oven roasted double egg yolk

Kimchi benedict

We had so many egg dishes, but hands down, the Kimchi Benedict was the best. We also had an egg dish with lamb pieces, spanish tortilla, and an extra small fried egg sandwich, but the Kimchi just had a little more kick to it. Oh and the double egg yolk — it’s oven roasted and I didn’t expect to like it (especially since I generally like to avoid yolk), but it was surprisingly good.

French toast

Nutella panna cotta with cherries

Lemon and lavender sponge cake

Curried chocolate chip banana bread

I have to say, I was also surprised that I didn’t love the nutella panna cotta as much as I thought I would. It tasted more like a chocolate mousse and the cherries on top made it a bit on the tart side. Same goes for the french toast with guava. The curried chocolate chip banana bread was a lot more rich than I expected (I think it was made of dark chocolate), and even a little spicy. The lemon sponge cake with lavender was an interesting yummy flavor.

Fingerling hash

Fingerling hash

Finally, when Faraz couldn’t take the small dishes anymore, he asked if they could make a small dish into a huge one, so they obliged with the fingerling hash. Of course, when it came out, he had no room for it and tried to pass it on to us…didn’t work, we were stuffed toooo. Apparently, it’s easy to get full on tapas…who knew? The presentation for every dish was excellent (sometimes even moreso than the actual dish…I thought most of them were generally good but not amazing…don’t kill me SK). It was a fun, bonding meal though, and Hi we had the most lovely hosts!

Family style brunch!

Restaurant Info:
Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

130 Northeast 40th Street
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 573-5550



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  1. Sarah wrote:

    How dare you insult my best brunch ever during the best weekend ever with the best couple ever?

    Posted 4.7.11
  2. sunehra wrote:

    The spanish tortilla looks amazing

    Posted 4.7.11
  3. SYR wrote:

    @BeautyNDFeast: You should try Sra Martinez (Senora Martinez) its yummy! In the design district as well and it’s in an old post office building…pretty amazing food!

    Posted 4.7.11
  4. sidrah wrote:

    everything looks so bangin!

    Posted 4.7.11
  5. shyema wrote:

    SYR, that.sounds.SO.COOL!

    Sidrah, isn’t the presentation amaze?

    Posted 4.7.11
  6. sgp wrote:

    So much beautiful food is overwhelming #Drooling

    Posted 4.8.11

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