This weekend: The Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair

The Hester Street Fair (founded by none other than MTV News’ SuChin Pak) came back to the LES last weekend, and will be going on every Saturday this month! While last year, it was a combination of food and flea-market type stalls, Pak said she noticed that bloggers and writers are not only obsessed with food, but particularly obsess over the novelty of food stands (I don’t know what she’s talking about *shifty eyes*). So, this year the festival is particularly food-focused. Returning vendors include Luke’s Lobster, Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, and new additions like Brooklyn Taco Company, and Bruce Cost will be on the roster. And of course, you have to stop by Adirondack Creamery‘s stand this Saturday for some of the most delicious ice cream (seriously). Be the first to sample some of their new, experimental flavors like carrot-spice, which, following the lead of its successful Indian-inspired Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom, is inspired by “gajar halva” (made out of carrots and a blend of exotic spices).

The Hester Street Fair takes place every Saturday in May, from 10am – 6pm.


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