Senna Cosmetics: Lips Road Test

By Melissa Stephans

I’m so bored of my makeup. I have put lipstick and lip gloss shopping off so long, that I’m reaching the bottom of my stash. I hesitate to admit that I have used my faves so sparingly that I’m still nursing some of the products I received when I was at Town & Country — ahem, that was four years ago. (Okay, five years ago. I know, I know!).

Senna Cosmetics lipsticks in Tiffany, Paris Pink, and Glint

I can’t help it.  I am so pale and picky that I find lipstick and lipgloss shopping a hit or miss situation–usually, it’s a miss.

Senna lipstick in Glint

Lipstick can be hard to find because many formulas are either too matte and dry, or way too sheer.  It’s pretty much the same with glosses–they range from sticky and dry to slick and greasy…and don’t get me started on colors! Some colors are just so bold, they make us look like we should be hanging out in a nursing home instead of a beach. We uber-pale people sometimes want to have a more natural, pretty look.

Faced with the fact that I need to dip my toes into the glossy lipwear waters, I decided to report back to you during my hunt for new beauty booty.  In agreement with Shy’s previous post, my friend Tiffany reminded me about her love of Senna Cosmetics.  She suggested I stop by Senna’s studio or the counter at Beauty Collection.  So they were my first stop. I spent over an hour working my way through Senna’s products, so I figured it was time to contact the company for more details on the brand and try out some of their best and brightest (not literally, of course) products.

Senna lipstick in Tiffany

Tiff swears by Senna and I can see why.  Many of their shades are soft and wearable. The textures vary and they have a variety of formulas to choose from, but I really liked the buttery feel of their cream lipstick. I have it in “Tiffany” (no pun intended and no relationship to my friend), which is a peachy pink shade. I like it so much that I will be going back for Suede, a nude color that seems to suit my pale skin with yellow undertones.

Three other hits from the Emmy award winning makeup artist created brand include:

“Glint”: a sheer pink lipstick with flecks of gold. It’s SPF 15, but I probably cancel that sun protection right out when I plop about one pound of clear lip gloss right on top.

Senna's Glint

Double Dose Lip Lacquer in Sugar & Spice got me a whole lot of head turns. I had to use clear lip gloss (I use NYC, as favored by Kim Kardashian) on top of this because the formula was pretty dry. Believe it or not, I liked that the formula of this gloss wasn’t liquid smooth because it had some serious staying power. When combined with a clear gloss, the particles of shimmer created a lot of depth. It was a very beautiful look–especially at night!

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice - peach tone

Sugar and Spice - beige tone

Lip Sync in “Paris Pink” gives you a full-sized lipstick and gloss in one sleek, double-sided package. I’m not sure what type of magical mica Senna uses in its lip gloss formulas, but I like it! This gloss didn’t last as long because it was much more thin and spreadable than the Double Dose Lip Lacquer, but it was equally stunning. Combining the lipstick and gloss together made my pink pout pretty for a good two hours and left a feminine stain after that.

Paris Pink lipstick and gloss

Paris Pink lipstick

Paris Pink lipstick + gloss

Next I want to try their Firefly duo, which is a peachy golden lip pair. But so far, I’m pretty happy with my Senna goodies. Have you ever tried Senna?

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