Kingswood in the West Village

After being a fan of Ruby’s for years, it only made sense that I’d eventually have to visit their sister-restaurant, Kingswood in the West Village.

Inside Kingswood

I kept hearing mixed reviews about the place — some rave about it, others seem to be hung up on it having a very see-and-be-seen crowd. I personally was most interested in the food. After going through menus online, I thought I might know what I want. But I think the very edited menu is also seasonal, so not much of what I was looking at before was even there.

Popcorn shrimp

We started with what I think was called something like popcorn shrimp. I was picturing something, well, like battered shrimp, but we got three baby shrimp buried under sliced pineapples and spices. It was OK, a little forgettable.

Quinoa salad

We needed a little more to fill up, so we went with a quinoa salad. I love quinoa personally, but again, it was pretty standard. Healthy too, because I just remember crunching into carrots. After our light appetizers, we moved on to the main. I was excited to try their burger. But I read the menu and it was titled “Ruby’s Bronte Burger.” As in the same burger they serve at Ruby’s. I asked the waiter if it was the exact same thing and he confirmed.

Ruby's Bronte burger with rosemary fries

Bronte burger

Now, don’t get me wrong — Ruby’s bronte burger is great, but I wanted to try something new. My friend, Chelsea ordered it though. It comes with a side of truffle fries with rosemary and a dollop of some mayo dip which was sinfully good. Instead, I went for the cornish hen with a side of cooked pasta.

Cornish hen

The pasta was kind of like a spƤtzle — I loved it especially because they even threw in some hazelnuts in there (I’m a fan of different textures in food although I’m sure not everyone would agree).The cornish hen was flavorful and I enjoyed the mix.

Overall, I definitely think it was a cool place to hang, but I would have enjoyed a little more selection on the menu, personally.

Restaurant Info:

121 W 10th St.
(at Greenwich Ave)
New York NY 10011
West Village


Meal: Dinner
Occasion: Business-ey dinner
Price: $$$$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: *** (at night, it’s dimly lit and had interesting rustic decor — since it also has a rather large bar area in the middle, it can get pretty loud too)
Food: **
Service: ***
Would I go back?: Probably not — I’m glad I tried it but I feel like there’s not much more I’m dying to try on the menu. If I really want a burger, I’ll probably just go straight to Ruby’s.


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