Nivea celebrates its 100th birthday at Grand Central with Giuliana Rancic

Happy Birthday Nivea! Nivea turns 100 this year and as part of its year-long celebration (because if you turn 100, the party HAS to last at least that long), they’ve set up a huge pop-up station at Grand Central. Just imagine a HUGE skin-loving party…inside a gigantic Nivea Creme tin. I mean, where else would it be?

Nivea Pop-Up at Grand Central

Nivea at Grand Central

Old and new tin designs

Inside Nivea's Pop-Up space

The Nivea house will be at Grand Central Station all week, so you can check it out yourself! Yesterday, I went to its launch to give you a little preview of what you can expect. First stop, the Skincare Lounge to enter to win Rihanna concert tickets in Prague.

Entering to win concert tickets to see Rihanna in Prague...fingers crossed!

Holding a limited-edition Rihanna Nivea tin for good luck

Afterwards, I got the most relaxing hand massage and right when I was about to go to another station, Giuliana Rancic, host of E! News, arrived!

Giuliana Rancic in support of Nivea

Giuliana headed straight for the lotions...can't blame her

She talked about using Nivea as a child in Naples, Italy and how her mom was obsessed. I think all our mom were and are Nivea fans too…those blue tins seem to be a staple in almost every house. Speaking of which, the next place I stopped at was the turntable journey through the years of the tin design:

The evolution of the Nivea tins

All over the walls were old ads and shots of Nivea through the years too…it’s like a skincare museum:

A glance at the history of Nivea

I saw there were also stations to get your skin elasticity tested. I was curious about mine, and had the doc run a quick test on my arm…

Getting my skin elasticity checked

He said my skin was 83% which was very good sign (whew). Before you leave, you can stock up on some of their limited-edition Rihanna tins (who’s serves as their brand ambassador), and other moisturizing goodies.

Bags to stock up!

Our Nivea gift bag

They sent us home with a generous gift bag of moisturizing goodness. I used their Happy Sensation Lotion today and love. Can’t wait to try the rest! The Nivea 100 Year House will be open to the public at Grand Central (on E. 42nd Street) from 8am to 7pm every day until Friday 7/27. Are any of you fans going to stop by?


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