Interview with Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor – Part II

[This is Part II to my interview with Mickey Contractor, M.A.C’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India. The first part of the interview can be found on HERE]

Me and makeup artist Mickey Contractor

As promised (a while ago, I know), here are some more details on my interview with makeup genius Mickey Contractor. I sat down with Mickey the day after he came with us on a tour of M.A.C’s headquarters. In between doing makeup for Bollywood celebs like Priyanka Chopra for the IIFA’s, he shared some of his thoughts on his experience at M.A.C’s labs and a few tips too!

: Did going on the M.A.C. tour with us change your perspective at all on makeup?
Mickey Contractor: I wouldn’t say it changed my perspective on makeup. For me it was like a religious experience. Going into the M.A.C lab and meeting all the chemists who actually made my products was like a wish being granted. I was so tired that morning on the bus as you might remember. Once I went there though, I woke up. I don’t know how! I didn’t sleep until 3 that morning. It was an overwhelming experience. It truly was a dream come true.

: What was the most challenging part in creating your own line?
MC: Mixing colors was challenging but extremely joyful. To tweak the submissions that came back after the testers was the most challenging because there is very little difference between tester 1, 2 and 3. Apart from that, I would say doing Master Classes. I hate being in front of people doing makeup. I rather do it behind the scenes, be really quiet about it. For me, doing makeup is a very personal time with who I’m working on. It’s very sacred to me.

Rani eyeshadow from Mickey's MAC collection

: I love bright shadows like Rani, but I have no idea how to wear it. What are some tips to make bright shadows like that more wearable?
MC: Rani was made because we needed a pop in the collection. I use colors that are very muted, so the line would have looked very dull otherwise. It was also filling a gap from the regular line up — there was nothing as bright as that. I would say to first use an eyeshadow like Folie all over the lid, and then layer it with the pink so it kind of comes down to a nice plum-ey color.

: So it’s a matter of blending?
MC: It’s about layering it one on top of the other and layering it well.

: What product would you freak out over if you found was missing from your makeup kit?
MC: I would freak out if there was even one thing missing! If my eyelash curler was not there, I would just walk away from my kit [laughs]. No no, I have two of everything in my kit because I cannot afford to lose anything.

: Well do you have three favorite M.A.C products?
MC: No, I have about 30 [laughs]. I would say Fluidline for sure, Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and I actually love the new Viva Glam lipgloss.

: I have a reader questions: How do you rock highlighter without looking sweaty?
MC: If the highlighter you’re using is too frosted, you would need to tone it down. Apply the highlighter first, and go over it very lightly with some Studio Fix powder. It just numbs it down and looks much better. Another important thing is to use highlighters in the right place. Product placement is very important, not how much you use. Just remember, use it sparingly and place it right.

: I always feel like it’s hard for me to do smokey eyes — what are some tips if you want to do smokey eyes if you have smaller or darker eyes?
MC: The technique for smokey eyes is the same. For smaller eyes, the only thing I would suggest is try to make them looks more open by using a highlighter right in the middle, but just use a but please blend it. There’s a lot of people who just use a dot of highlighter in the center and it just looks awful. [Note: A short video/guide on how Mickey’s team did smokey eyes on me right after this interview is coming up in a future post!]

: What would you say is your “signature” look?
MC: Whether I like it or not, I have been stamped with the no–makeup look, which is what my focus is. But people also love the way I do smoky eyes. I would like to be known for the natural look.

: I have to ask you a food question too now! What is the one dish you miss the most while you’re on the road?
MC: I don’t miss much because Indian food is everywhere. We usually have our cooks with us, so I don’t really miss it. I’m OK with not having Parsi food for a few months!


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    Aww no problem Saadia! Also, I think you asked about the cat eye look and listening back to my tape, I realized I asked the question incorrectly and he told me how much he loved the Sharmila Tagore “classic” cat eye look but not so much on how to achieve it (except a thin eyeliner brush and MAC Fluidline to achieve)…I’ll make a tutorial on how to get that look though!! 🙂 Thanks for reading

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    I like his makeup.I have seen his makeup …how can I contact him..I have a function in dubai..I prefer his makeup..He was amazing me …I loved his makeup ..Thanks mickey pls give me ur contact no ..I will definitely contact ..Thanks ❤

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