Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, and Lindsay Ellingson Kiss and Tell

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Victoria’s Secret‘s amazingly gorgeous supermodels, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, and Lindsay Ellingson. (Wait I just re-read that sentence…I can’t say I ever thought I’d be writing that).

Lindsay Ellingson, Adriana Lima, and Doutzen Kroes celebrate Valentine's Day!

The beautiful Doutzen Kroes

I was invited to meet the three at the VS store in SoHo to learn some of their favorite things about Valentine’s Day, and of course how they stay so insanely beautiful. They were not only game for all my questions, they were incredibly warm and sweet. Pretty and nice? Life’s just not fair. Read on to check out their Valentine’s Day picks and more:

Adriana Lima’s Valentine’s Love List

Body By Victoria Demi Bra, $35-$60, & SuperSoft HipHugger, $12.50
Bombshell in Love ead de parfum, $45
Vosges Chocolates (Free with any $75 purchase from Feb 9th-Feb 14th. They’re named after VS bras and fragrances including Gorgeous, Bombshell, Incredible, Dream Angel, Very Sexy, and Unforgettable)

Me with the extraordinary Adriana Lima!
Lima kept grabbing chocolate in between answers!

Beauty and the Feast:
Let’s get this out of the way: What are your plans for Valentine’s?
Adriana Lima: I got married on Valentine’s Day, so we’re going to celebrate two years of marriage. We’re going back to Jackson Hole, WY, where we got married, and we’re just going to relax.

What’s your advice to all the single girls on Valentine’s?
Lima: Don’t worry about it! Relax. Go out, buy sexy lingerie. God knows, maybe you’ll find the man of your life on Valentine’s Day. You never know!

Adriana Lima

You’re a supermodel, a wife, a mom – how do you keep it sexy?
Lima: You have to keep it sexy everyday! With lingerie, with perfume. You know, heels…(laughs)

Do you have any special beauty rituals or ways you make Valentine’s Day different?
Lima: Number one, start from the lingerie. Pick something comfortable. The most important piece on a woman’s wardrobe is lingerie. You can have a whole malfunction in your clothes if you pick the wrong lingerie…seriously! So that’s how you start feeling sexy, because you know the surprise that’s under there for your husband or boyfriend. Giving little teases throughout the night…(laughs)

Adriana Lima

Any Valentine’s Day beauty tips?
Lima: This is like a ritual for me: Take a nice bath, wash your hair…and you know, take your time. You have to smell good! I LOVE everything that smells good. From your clothes to you hair. Bombshell in Love would be my pick for this Valentine’s.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day story?
Lima: I think when I got married. It was the best moment of my life. I mean it’s not really a story. Just the look on my husband’s face was priceless. The love, it was just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It was beautiful.

How do you get it together the next day after date night?
Lima: When I wake up and go to the park with my daughter. It’s always fun and always energetic. But this year, we might go skiing because we’ll be in Wyoming.

So I know you’re totally taken, but I’m sure every guy would want to know how to woo a girl as beautiful as you.
Lima: Number one, just be yourself. That’s it. Be who you are. Embrace imperfections. Don’t try to have a pick up line. Be normal and natural. Be smart and funny. That’s it!

Doutzen Kroes’ Get Gorgeous Essentials

Gorgeous Lace Push-Up Bra, $55-$58
Victoria’s Secret Kimono, $52
A VS Valentine’s Card

Doutzen Kroes

Beauty and the Feast:
So what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?
Doutzen Kroes: I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m sure my husband has some plans…at least I hope he does!

What have you guys done in the past for V-Day?
Kroes: Usually we spend it together and have a nice quiet dinner. For me that’s the most important–that I’m just spending time with him.

I’m sure your schedule is so crazy…
Kroes: It’s SO crazy! So that’s why, you know, as long as we’re together that’s what’s important.

: What’s your advice for how single girls can get through Valentine’s Day?
Kroes: They have to buy some lingerie for themselves! You know, to feel sexy, you have to put something sexy on. Then you feel it, and that’s what guys see. It’s all what you feel. Buy it now so maybe you have a date by Valentine’s Day (laughs)

How did you pick your essentials for Valentine’s Day?
Kroes: I love the Gorgeous bra. The colors are beautiful. I think this year I’ll go for something pink. I’m not sure if I’ll just wear the bras or panties or the garter, because you know that’s something that really makes you feel sexy. You know, when you have that underneath your dress and nobody knows but you. I’m still debating.

Do you have any beauty tips for Valentine’s?
Kroes: Put a mask right before the night. I usually get a facial and get a mask done, but otherwise I like to try new things. I’ll go to Whole Foods and see what masks they have and try different ones.

Me with the beautiful Doutzen

I’m doing a favor for the guys and asking you gorgeous supermodels: What would it take for a guy to impress you?
Kroes: I think you always have to be yourself. I will always go for a guy with passion. You can’t explain when you fall in love. It’s something that has to be special. He shouldn’t be all over the top about things. Be yourself and stay true to yourself.

: What is the sweetest thing your husband [Sunnery James] does for you?
Kroes: Taking me out. For me, when he comes to me and says “Doutzen, you have to be ready by this time, dress nice,” and bring something or another. I like surprises and he does them all the time. He’s so sweet.

: I have to stop you to just say your lashes are insane…what’s your secret?
Kroes: Oh thank you! I use L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D. It’s my favorite one!

: Part of my blog is about food, so I wanted to see if you had any insight on any romantic restaurants or a meal you can make for your loved one.
Kroes: I love to cook actually! I love to make fish. I buy a white fish like sea bass. Put olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, some basil and put it in the oven and wait half an hour. You have gorgeous fish! So simple and so healthy. Cook some rice, and potatoes and put it on the side. I always try to find time to cook for my son. I think it’s important for him to eat fresh and healthy.

: Speaking of your son, as a mom, how do you fit him in your VDay plans?
Kroes: I spend the all day with my son, and the night with my husband!

Lindsay Ellingson’s Angel Must-Haves

Dream Angels Push-Up Bra, $52-$62
Simply Gorgeous eau de parfum, $49
The Lacie Thong, 3 for $30

Me with the lovely Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson:
[munching on the Vosges chocolates] These chocolates are amazing? Have you tried them?

Beauty and the Feast:
I haven’t yet, but since we’re talking about food, I guess I should start by asking about your favorite restaurant in NYC – any suggestions on where to go for Valentines?
Ellingson: I actually love ABC Kitchen. I live really close there. The food is really healthy. It’s hard to get a table there but it’s so good!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?
Ellingson: For me, I think every woman should pamper themselves that day. Hopefully, if I’m not too crazy for Fashion Week, I’m going to go shopping and get a massage. And then at night, my boyfriend is going to cook for me. So that will be really sweet and a good way to avoid the hecticness of a New York Valentine’s!

Where are you going to get your massage from?
Ellingson: I love Great Jones Spa, that’s one of my favorites. Also Soho Sanctuary. Those are two places I like to go.

Lindsay Ellingson

: Any tips for how a single girl should spend Valentine’s Day?
Ellingson: If I was single, I’d totally get all my girlfriends together and cook. That way you don’t have to be around all the couples and their PDA and all that romantic stuff. I do that all that time with my girlfriends actually – watch a funny comedy with a bottle of wine.

: What movie would you pick?
Ellingson: Bridesmaids! That movie would be perfect.

: What are some of your V-Day beauty tips?
Ellingson: One beauty tip is to make skin glow and fresh, exfoliating is really important. I do that at least three times a week. I think it’s fun to wear red lipstick on Valentine’s. Victoria’s Secret has a great red lipstick, their Perfect Lipstick in Showstopper. If you don’t want to do red, they have a great Ginger Spice lip liner–I’m actually wearing it now—and that with a little gloss over it is so beautiful.

Thank you Angels for all your answers!! Now readers! What are YOUR plans for V-Day??


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