Mirabella Beauty, how I love thee

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Mirabella Signature Brush Collection

You may recall the last time I posted about Mirabella—only because it was as squeaky as a teenage girl; as if I was gushing over Brad Pitt circa River Runs Through It. But seriously. From the moment I “met” the line of makeup, I was smitten. There are several things to love about this brand, so I shall count the ways:

1) They focus on chemically responsible products and are paraffin free when it works. They call their products “clean luxury,” because although they care about making clean products, they won’t sacrifice the quality of the product just to make a vague “green” statement. Love.

2) The products work beautifully. I have used several of the Mirabella products, including the Madame Rouge lip pencils, which I will marry; their blushes; and their liquid eyeliner, which is in pen-form. My one complaint about the liner is that my eyes get particularly watery in the winter, and it is not waterproof, so it smudges for me. But the application is flawless and allows for any range of thickness.

3) It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s also not the most expensive makeup brand out there. And even better, I feel a bit ahead of the curve using it. They’ve been a top salon brand for years, but they’ve only recently started marketing to the general public. They’re kind of like that underground bar you love, that serves the best cocktails. Of course, in that case, you don’t want anyone to find out about the place. With Mirabella, I am more than happy to share the secret.

4) They’re not snotty. I enjoy the fact that they don’t really try to be super trendy, they don’t feature avant-garde makeup looks (nothing wrong with avant-garde makeup, it’s just not typically my bag). Mirabella is focused on making women just look pretty. There aren’t a lot of gimmicks, not a lot of glitters or neons, not super-duper-tricked out Swarovsky-tiled cases. Just attractive, unfussy packaging and colors.

Mirabella brushes

5) … and this is the important portion of the post. Their BRUSHES are amazing. Dear Lord, I nearly croaked when I tested their gorgeous collection of brushes, which, back in the fall, they were announcing but weren’t releasing until Jan 2012 (which means they’re available now). Not only are they as high-quality as MAC brushes, they are so aesthetically pleasing. Just look at the photos below. The long, brushed-silver stems. The perfect-sizes. The clear labels (I love MAC, but I don’t need the brush to have a number to feel fancy). And back to the quality: I’ve been using the brushes for a little while now, and I can confirm that they work just as well as advertised. They hold product almost too well—I had to be careful to tap off excess eyeshadow before moving on to another color– at one point I dipped a brush that I had previously used in a dark color into a light color, and with a quick swipe on the eyelid, I looked like I had been punched. The upside of how well the brushes retain the color is of course that there is much less fallout and you need to use much less product.

To celebrate the official launch of the brushes, Mirabella is doing a promotion! If you buy their entire brush set, you receive a really cool brush roll for free. I’ve seen the roll, and it’s substantial. Of course, for the casual makeup user, you may not feel as though you need the entire set. But if you’re a makeup freak or a makeup artist, I definitely recommend the collection. It’s an investment. But it’ll make you look good, literally and figuratively.

You can buy the whole set here, and you can find the individual brushes here.

Anyone out there using Mirabella? Thoughts?

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